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Meeting Details

  • 11:00 AM Central European Time (UTC +1)
  • 650-903-0800 x92 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back channel

Meeting Notes

  • Bloglines may not be going out of service
    • L10n-drivers discussing with the Mozilla's product team to decide best step
    • Probably wait to see what happens
    • Seth will go through all the individual bugs to discuss status of the Bloglines service
  • Builds
    • Releng wants to move everything that creates a build into one script and do multiple repacks
  • Balkan Event
    • Broad overview: 1/2 half of Saturday is about presentations, 1/2 about work, Sunday is community goal setting
    • Axel will give a quick presentation on Localizer infrastructure
    • Kadir will represent SUMO-Mozilla and the new knowledge-base
    • Free time used to update Firefox 4 using the new knowledge-base


  • blog posts on builds
  • l10n builds go downhill with bug 608004
  • more work on l10n-merge robustness, pretty names may actually work
  • reviewed some of todo

Talking points: builds


  • back from pto
  • reading silme code to help gandalf


  • Was mostly offline for thu/fri (holiday/birthday)
  • Final patches for xul/xbl's l20n
  • Documenting L20n code
  • Solving moz bug allowed us to upstream mysql bug
  • Working with Milos and David on updates to guides.m.o


Talking point: Bloglines


  • Firefox beta 7 done, we had 15 locales ready at launch time, 30 the day after (ongoing work there). Firefox 4 beta 7, should be the last version with a very specific whatsnew page (feature freeze), with beta 8 we should have a new page that will be used for all following betas
  • fixed a bug in beta download links generation for beta locales that did not have a beta status for 3.6 (the version number was not included)
  • Laura Forrest is seeing with google if we can issue an update to our snippets to promote the beta 7 in November, if so I will work on that tomorrow
  • Laura Mesa is seeing if/when we will put beta promos on whatsnew pages, it's ready on the l10n side, just needs to be switched on
  • localized news items on mozilla-europe.org promoting European events (Ubuntu Party in France, OpenFest in Bulgaria, preparing a news item for the Ljibiana event)
  • working on some mozilla-europe.org page logic rewrite (pre-nova redesign work + looking to see if I can support multiple templates). Also an opportunity to clean up old code.


  • QA day last Friday was a success,
  • KB launch is still planned for November 30th
  • KB localization sprint will be December 2nd
    • Mostly to familiarize localizers with the new system
    • But also updating what we already can for Firefox 4
  • Balkans meeting on December 3-5 will also see a SUMO KB sprint