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Meeting Details

  • Time and location TBD
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back channel

Meeting Notes


  • dealt with access issues to l10n dashboard
  • investigated updating buildbot for l10n dashboard, Dustin is rewriting much of the scheduler stuff again, our code is on his use-case list
  • new checks to work around Princess Android and its sad idea of XML for compare-locales
  • patch to fix django-site tests, adding new tests for tags and filters (in prep for django update)
  • caught up on sign-offs
  • discussed todo with stas

Talking points: travel expenses, l10n-merge for releases



  • slow week
  • mostly PTO+holidays
  • I did focus on silme related hacking - documentation, experiments, unit tests
  • Started l20n xpcshell tests for JS ppl, but no real progress yet :(
  • Going to finally push out the common pool blog post today


  • Working with Slovenian l10n volunteers on local search partnership
  • Mozilla "housekeeping" for l10n-drivers
  • Watched bugmail and triaged email to stay on top of communication

Talking points: Overall update from sethb  :-)


  • back from a one week holiday
  • January Google snippets, no l10n involved this month
  • Launched translation of the new mobile support page on mozilla.com (http://www-trunk.stage.mozilla.com/en-GB/m/support/)
  • Cleaned up old bugs status in bugzilla, mostly older betas
  • Published many pages updates
  • Post mozilla.com redesign: Fixed a couple of visual regressions and a redirect loop for ast locale
  • upcoming work this week: Major Update window, mozilla-europe.org redesign work, writing my yearly report