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How Mozilla localizers talk

Being part of a global community means that being vocal is essential to your success. Being a Mozilla localizer, you have several channels you can tune into to stay up-to-date with announcements, discussions, current events, and more.

Existing channels


We have several newsgroup forums that we use regularly to make announcements and discuss important topics related to localizing the project. You can subscribe to them in various formats, either by mailing list, Google group, or newsgroup subscription in Thunderbird.

Here are the important ones to follow:

Here are some locale-specific newsgroups you may want to follow if you're part of that locale:


Matrix is what we use for live chatting. If you're struggling with a bug or have questions, you can turn to Matrix and get instant help.

This wiki page will help you get set up with Matrix. For L10n, we use the #l10n-community:mozilla.org for all general discussion. You can also find a list of more channels in other languages here.


Component watching will help you stay on top of all of the issues surrounding your localization projects. You will receive emails concerning updates to particular issues, new bugs filed for your projects, comments added to bugs concerning their statuses, etc.

Here's how to watch your locale component:

  1. If you do not already have a Bugzilla account, create an account here.
  2. Log in and navigate to Preferences.
  3. Select the Component Watching tab.
  4. Select Mozilla Localizations from the Product dropdown list.
  5. Select your locale from the Component list.
  6. Click the Add button, and you're done!

Mozilla L10n blog

The L10n blog is a great place to go for interesting current events. We spotlight star contributors, communities, interesting side projects, events, and updates on tools, projects, and people. We usually post at least once per week.


We're now on Twitter at @mozilla_l10n!

Here’s what you can expect from following @mozilla_l10n:

  • Event/deadline notifications and reminders,
  • Public welcome to newcomers,
  • Calls for participation in new projects,
  • Recruitment calls for specific l10n team needing more members,
  • Congratulations to specific contributors and communities for reaching various milestones,
  • Brief updates to external sources about all of our l10n advancements and efforts.