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All l10n meetings, including work weeks. There are two major meetings held on a regular, weekly basis: the Monday planning meeting and the Wednesday open project status meeting. Both are listed below.

Monday Planning meetings

  • planning for the team
  • focus on the upcoming week's goals and tasks
  • if someone is overloaded, how can we help them?
  • let's get proactive about workload; instead of reporting 'I didn't have time to do X' the following week, let's try to anticipate the workload and set priorities
  • pre-setting some of the agenda items for the Wed. meeting.

You can see the complete list of the planning meetings at L10n:Planning.

Wednesday Open Weekly meetings

  • introduce new projects and tools
  • identify and highlight existing projects where localization help is needed, or where we are having problems with tools or process.
    • talk about what solutions are being worked on where apporpriate.
  • across-the-board updates of projects:
    • help us understand schedules and localization status these projects, do they need our attention?
    • coordinate work and efforts with goal of throttling the workfload for the localizers
  • office hours/meeting place for everyone with l10n questions, developers, contributors, new contributors to catch the right people and make sure tasks don't get buried.
  • all the above is intended to raise issues and increase transparency; and get more people involved in the most critical areas that need help, or longer term stratigic things that we need to build a plan for.
You can see the complete list of the project status meetings at L10n:Weekly.

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