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Goals Q1 2011

Description Leader Goal ETA Status
Localize key projects, including Firefox 4 Entire Team Localizing Firefox 4 (Mobile, Desktop) and Firefox Home March 31, 2011 Several open tasks
Elmo Entire Team Launch new site consolidating disparate pieces of l10n information March 31, 2011 Elmo Project Plan
L20n Gandalf Land XUL/JS/XBL bindings. March 31, 2011 L20n
Jetpack L10n Gandalf Hand over Common Pool API to the Jetpack team and bring L20n Jetpack API to the testing phase. March 31, 2011 Jetpack L10n
Silme Gandalf Release Silme 0.9 with L20n->J20n compiler. March 31, 2011 Silme
Pontoon Gandalf Coordinate an effort to release Pontoon 0.2. March 31, 2011 Pontoon
L10n Data Axel Assess needs for l10n data for quarterly releases, and get it. March 31, 2011 L10n Data

(Mostly) Blank Template for new goals.