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Product L10n Stuff


  • Project Lead: Axel
  • Peer: Staś, Seth
  • Back-up: Gandalf


Several open tasks.

Product l10n

  • Firefox desktop product l10n
  • Firefox mobile product l10n
  • Firefox Home
  • Firefox Sync addon
  • Thunderbird and SeaMonkey


Localize the releases for Firefox 4 Desktop, Firefox 4 Mobile and Firefox Home

Non Goals

  1. Firefox Home
  2. Thunderbird & SeaMonkey
  3. Ship releases with l10n-merge enabled
  4. Figure out how to ship on the forthcoming rapid development cycle

Timeline / Milestones

Each week, the l10n-drivers will meet at 11 AM CET to discuss the status of product l10n for the upcoming releases. From that meeting, we will devise our weekly outreach plan and communication strategy.

Firefox 4 release schedule until release, starting with beta 9: Friday --> freeze; Monday --> Build; Thursday --> Ship.

Week of January 10, 2011 -->

  • Pike to send community-wide scheduling message
  • Individual locale outreach started

Week of January 17, 2011 -->

  • Pike updates community with weekly scheduling message
  • Individual locale outreach continued

These are the bugs of interest:

Bug Owner Status
Firefox 4 blockers with string impact FF 4 dev team, Pike advising In-flight




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