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Productization & New locale prep.


  • Project Lead: Seth
  • Peer: Staś
  • Back-up: Pike


This is a long project that requires one-on-one communication with each localization team/owner. Progress has been steady, but we will need to push to get this done for Firefox 4.

  • 38 bugs remain open as of Friday, January 7, 2011

Productization & New Locales

  • Firefox 4 p12n review bugs
  • New locales


  • Complete a productization review for Firefox 4.0 for all locales
  • Update changes to Firefox 3.6 productization bits

Non Goals

  • Possibly spark new local search partnerships
  • Respond to new locale requests in the queue

Timeline / Milestones

Each week, the l10n-drivers will meet at 11 AM CET to discuss the status of productization bugs.

  • Week of January 10, 2011 -->
    • Sethb resolves all p12n bugs as fixed for those locales who do not need to remove Bloglines, leaving localizers the opportunity to reopen if there are requested changes.
    • Sethb reviews all new locale bugs and comments to get localizers moving to completion, shares timeline in bugs.
  • Week of January 17, 2011 -->
    • Follow up on eBay plugin updates that Kev posted in order to get them landed
    • Review open bugs
    • Ping all new locale bugs that remain open
    • Update lsv
  • Week of January 24, 2011 -->
    • Ping all new locale bugs that remain open
    • Continue p12n review
    • Push Allegro changes if localizers approve and contract moves forward
    • Follow up with Mail.ru and Nadji.si contract and partnerships

These are the bugs of interest:

Bug Owner Status
Firefox 4 Productization Seth Dependency Tree; 27 bugs remain open
Firefox 4 New Locale Release Trackers Seth Several open tasks with each local. It's best to click through on the search.


  • Update Bloglines changes
  • Clean up extraneous XML files
  • Remove keyword URL



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