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Web l10n for all releases Q1 2011


  • Project Lead: Pascal
  • Peer: Milos
  • Back-up: Staś, Seth


Several open tasks, but the L10n Web dashboard shows all open bugs, which are listed as links just below.

Web l10n


Localize the set of websites for Firefox 4 Desktop, Firefox 4 Mobile and Firefox 3.6 Scary Update.

Non Goals

  1. Firefox Home
  2. Thunderbird & SeaMonkey

Timeline / Milestones

Each week, the l10n-drivers will meet at 11 AM CET to discuss the status of the web-l10n bugs. Pascal will relay all the updates and discuss the upcoming weeks tasks.

Week of January 10, 2011--> Get list from Slater of the pages needing l10n.

These are the bugs of interest:

Bug Owner Status
Scary Update Tracker Pascal In-progress




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