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Where -- Mozilla Berlin Office

6, Voltastraße 5, 13355

Map: https://bit.ly/1Q95Dst

When -- 3-6 June
Weather -- 16C-26C; occasional rain, thunderstorms, and partly cloudy skies
Arriving at lodging
  • Suburban station: Bellevue / Subway station: Hansaplatz
  • Bus stop: Paulstraße
    • From the airport
    • From the train station
    • From long distance bus station

Best to go by bus TXL/187, https://goo.gl/maps/QULwbRT7kD42, should be 2,70 euros

From lodging to Mozilla Berlin Office

We should probably take group tickets, a day for 5 persons.

  • Please keep all your receipts for transportation and send them to Peiying after you have completed all your travels. She will reimburse you through PayPal. Do let her know if you do *not* have a PayPal account. Your travel cost includes the plane, train and long distance bus travel as well as transportation in Berlin.


  • Valerie is more interested in experimental stuff
  • Richard needs more training: Web l10n focused
  • Fx 49 l10n
English (South African)
  • Leveraging en_ZA for locale redirection
  • Avenues for specific en_ZA marketing
  • identifying new l10n opportunities and work on them
  • discuss on strategies for alignment and tools to use
  • to meet the other team members in the flesh
  • Frisian goals also apply to Dutch
  • Using the different available tools, specially on Windows
  • work on latest release, although schedule might be tight due to sign-off on the 6th
  • discuss on what can be done serverside on mergedays
  • how do larger teams work together on Mercurial
  • dive into the use of https://transvision.mozfr.org
  • how can we mass find/replace to fix consistency
  • Need general training on l10n process
  • Which tool for what project, Pontoon, github...
  • Create Style Guide


Friday 3 June

Dinner - Probiermahl at 2000
  • Axel will meet everyone at Motel One lobby at 1930
  • Pick up Ton and Peiying @ Ameron Hotel Abion Spreeboge
  • Map from Motel One to Probiermahl

Saturday 4 June

Morning - 930AM
  • Welcome & spectrograms -- Axel & Pei
  • Mozilla mission and org updates applied to your locales -- Axel & Pei
    • L10n updates from Mozlando
    • Review of the Style Guide template
Lunch - Near the office
  • Breakout session
    • Create individual style guide (uk drafts its first; de, nl review existing guides to update to new format)
    • Work on team goals
Dinner - Imren Greill - 20
00 - leaving Motel One at 19:00

Sunday 5 June

Morning -- 930AM
Lunch -- near the office
Dinner - Schleusenkrug - 1930


  • Hashtag for event: #mozberlinl10n