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Grand Hotel Union Business (DO NOT BOOK)

Miklošičeva cesta 1

1000 Ljubljana


meeting location

Lotus on the 7th floor

26-29 March 2018
Plan to arrive on Sunday evening (25th) and to leave as early as Thursday evening (29th).
airport transfer
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Name Date Time Airport Flight
Jeff 25 Mar 14:35 LJU DL8368
Zibi Mar 25 4:50pm LJU LH 6904
Pike 25 16:50 LJU Adria 113
Matjaž Mar 25 Afternoon Automobile Automobile
Stas Mar 26 11:25 LJU LO 5561
Pei Mar 24 11:15 LJU JP 377
Flod Mar 25 Early afternoon By car
Delphine Mar 24 12:05 LJU KL 3651 (operated Adria)
Adrian Mar 25 17:40 LJU JP 108

Name Date Time Airport Flight
Jeff 30 Mar 17:10 LJU AF6283
Zibi Mar 30 5:05pm LJU Adria 938
Pike 30 13:25 LJU Adria 112
Matjaž Mar 30 Evening Automobile Automobile
Stas Mar 30 13:40 LJU LO 616
Pei Mar 30 07:05 LJU JP 116
Flod Mar 30 Morning By Car
Delphine Mar 30 15:15 LJU AF 1187
Adrian Mar 30 17:50 LJU OS 7034

Goals of work week

PM group
Fluent group
  • Go/No Go for xchannel in ESR 60
  • Design the tracking process for Fluent and Fluent in Gecko.
  • Design the first iteration of arewefluentyet.com (PDF or paper)
Pontoon group
  • Land string tiers
  • Report on deliverables from work week (including Zibi's survey).
  • Work/life balance agreements
  • All Hands
  • Dates & location of next work week



  • Arrivals
  • Dinner:


Start Lunch End Dinner
10:00 13:00 18:00
  • Lunch:TBD
  • Fluent Design Process
    • Cross-channel impacts the design of Fluent.
      • Any future syntax changes must consider the fact that xchannel takes the liberty to walk through the history of mozilla-central
      • Effectively, python-fluent must provide some sort of parsing support for all syntax starting from 0.4.
      • This will also benefit the use-case of mining the contribution
    • We are not going to do xchannel in ESR 60:
      • It allows us to migrate away from DTDs and remove them when not needed in release anymore.
      • Translations can be fixed in a single place (the FTL file).
      • We don’t have to work on adapting the sign-off process for release/ESR.
      • In Fluent, we can solve the indentation issue by implementing whitespace relaxation.
      • We can ask early adopters for feedback on Fluent and act on it.
  • Dinner:TBD


Start Lunch End Dinner
10:00 13:00 18:00
  • Lunch:TBD
  • Tracking Fluent work
    • Fluent spec and fluent.js continue to be tracked in github, with milestones
    • We file bugs in Bugzilla for use cases and features required by migration bugs
      • Corresponding feature design happen in a new or existing Github issue. Implementation happen in a PR. The issue is triaged into a milestone.
      • A new bug is filed to track updating the Fluent code in Gecko to the new milestone when it’s published.
      • In some case we might need to update Fluent in Gecko before the next milestone is released or without all other changes assigned to the milestone
    • Python-fluent will be tracked exclusively in Bugzilla
    • Migration code will move out of python-fluent into hmo/l10n and will be tracked in Bugzilla
  • Dinner:TBD


Start Lunch End Dinner
10:00 13:00 18:00
  • Lunch:TBD
  • Dinner:TBD


Start Lunch End Dinner
09:00 12:30 17:00
  • Report on status of KR deliverables from week.
  • Zibi's survey
  • Work/life balance agreements
  • Lunch:TBD
  • All Hands (what are we doing, who should we invite)
  • Date & location of next work week
  • 16:30 - Escape room
  • Dinner:TBD

Possible Group Activities