L10n:Meetings/All-Hands 2011

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San Jose
Sept 12-16

Topics to cover


  • bedrock
  • tools inventory
  • outdated locales discussions
  • a few 1:1s
  • l20n time
  • i18n w/ roc
  • talk to devtools people
  • talk to tristan about Cedric/France
  • awareness in engagement and product (firefox features), create opportunity of smaller scale localization task units
    • prove, learn, gain recognition and build a name
    • job descriptions for volunteers


  • (per damon) get focused on mobile
  • devices for communities
  • dogfooding?
  • each community should have access to a tablet
  • tools for localization
  • making l10n easier
  • short terms investments
  • hiring?
  • inventory of tools and needs


  • start working on a community for l10n tools authors
  • a lot of new projects are coming, the current tech doesn't really fit them well
  • if you have a new big thing, you need to have resources to mak it localizable, we can advice, but we don't have cycles to do the actual work for you

other things:

  • new teams process w/ arky
  • verbatim w/ kadir
  • start working on an inventory of the new projects announced/demoed during the keynote
  • project manager role
  • travel schedule, make sure we cover local events