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Berlin, Tryp Berlin Mitte
  • We have 7 rooms booked (Axel doesn't need a room) from Sep 27 - Oct 1.
  • A meeting room is booked all day for three days from Sep 28 - 30.
  • Payment will have to be made at check-out and I'll cover that on my card.
Sept 28-30
plan on arriving on Tuesday evening, Sept 27 and leaving on Saturday, Oct 1
Name Date Time Airport Flight
Chris Hofmann 27.09 20:00 Berlin TXL FLT 6448
Matjaž Horvat 27.09 15:40 Berlin TXL LH 2040
Zbigniew Braniecki 27.09 02:10pm Berlin TXL SW 966
Stahu Malolepszy 27.09 9.50pm Berlin TXL
Pascal Chevrel 27.09 21:30 Berlin TXL 3245
Milos Dinic
Jeff Beatty 27.09 11:50 Berlin TXL 3588
Axel Hecht 28.09 10:00 Berlin Downtown 007

Name Date Time Airport Flight
Chris Hofmann
Matjaž Horvat 01.10 18:20 Berlin TXL LH 0195
Zbigniew Braniecki 01.10 09:30 Berlin TXL SW 975
Stahu Malolepszy 01.10 06.30am Berlin TXL
Pascal Chevrel 30.09 17:35 Berlin TXL 3244
Milos Dinic
Jeff Beatty 01.10 20:05 Berlin TXL 987
Axel Hecht 01.10 10:00 Berlin Downtown 007


  • choose the location (city)
  • book flights
  • choose the venue
  • book hotels
  • prepare the agenda (in progress)

Topics to cover

Assess the tools landscape

(chofmann) (lead: gandalf)

I'll like us to get a map and assessment of all the tools that exist for localization work and localization project management, plus an outline of the documentation, ownership (who is/can work on each tool), hosting infra needs, and outline maintenance needs for each the tools so we can review and discuss at our next meet ups.

We should also add bullet items for any entirely new tools that we don't have and need to get working on to fullfill needs. Maybe a set of tools for l20n fit into this kind of category.

I think this is the first step in creating a roadmap of where we want to invest time and month over the next several quarters on the next round of tool expansion and updates.

  • L10n labs?

Inventory our skills


I'd like to have a discussion about what areas we want the team to cover and what skills and resources are needed to cover them in a way that makes the most impact.

On the other hand, what areas are we happy with being covered by other teams? What is the role of l10n drivers as a group of people with interest in l10n and how can we make working in this group more effective?

Finally, how not to duplicate efforts and how not to duplicate skills? What skills can we have access to by being serviced by other teams? Is this a sustainable solution for certain skills and where do we draw the line of being independent?