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Warsaw Marriott Hotel
  • We have rooms booked from Sep 4 - Sept 10.
  • A meeting room is booked all day for three days from Sep 5 - 7.
plan on arriving on Tuesday evening, Sept 4 and leaving on Monday, Sept. 10
Name Date Time Airport Flight
Chris Hofmann 5 Sept 14:05
Matjaž Horvat 4 Sept. 2012 16:20 WAW 1614 (Lufthansa, operated by AUGSBURG AIRWAYS)
Zbigniew Braniecki
Stas Malolepszy
Pascal Chevrel 4 Sept. 2012 21:15 WAW AF 1246
Milos Dinic 4 Sept. 2012 15:20 WAW LOT 572
Jeff Beatty 4 Sept. 2012 17:15 WAW AA6385
Axel Hecht 4 Sept 2012 15:15 TRAIN!
Arky 5 Sept. 2012 6:40 pm WAW Aeroflot 2002

Name Date Time Airport Flight
Chris Hofmann 10 Sept 15:10
Matjaž Horvat 10 Sept. 2012 16:55 WAW 5351 (LOT-Polish Airlines, operated by AUGSBURG AIRWAYS)
Zbigniew Braniecki
Stas Malolepszy
Pascal Chevrel 10 Sept. 2012 19:05 WAW AF1047
Milos Dinic 10 Sept. 2012 11:15 WAW LOT 571
Jeff Beatty 10 Sept. 2012 12:05 WAW BA847
Axel Hecht 10 Sept. 2012 14:55 TRAIN!
Arky 13 Sep 2012 12:25 pm WAW Aeroflot 3505

Topics to cover (Agenda)

Breakaway sessions

  • I'd like everyone to take 15 minutes to try out Pontoon (I'll provide the docs for testing) and file issues on GitHub.
  • Work with Stas to nake Pontoon ready to localize Gaia.
Contribute sprint follow up
  • Jeff and Arky to follow up on goals established in Contribute Sprint at end of June.
  • Specifically to discuss L10n:Contribute page and localizer conversion points.
  • Happening Wednesday.
Localization World Presentation
  • Jeff would like to work with Matjaz and Stas on creating a good presentation on Pontoon and L20n for LocWorld.
  • Jeff would like to work with Pascal and Milos to evaluate the effectiveness of the new projects workflow since its implementation and make adjustments as needed.
bedrock - mozilla.org
  • Axel would like to get some feedback from Pascal and Milos on bedrock. Is what we have now what we need, want, hope for?
  • Pascal/Axel to build a phase list for .lang files to help Dwayne's mozilla.locamotion
b2g - gaia
  • Axel would like to settle for a final repo concept

Team discussions

Add your agenda items here.

Community feedback from recent surveys

Jeff wants to highlight more of the feedback that I've received from the recent surveys. Much of it came from follow up questions and 1-on-1 discussions with survey participants. I want to present those findings and discuss how we can implement some of the requests coming from the feedback.

Thinking Beyond Localization

Improving In-product localization preferences. Ideas to promote discoverability and effective distribution of localization products via the mozilla.org

Localizer experience review with Narro

We should discuss the overall localizer experience with Narro, Narro's current state, and its impact on our processes. Some contributors have expressed frustration with working with it and others are losing their drive to localize due to Narro issues. Coming out of our half work week, Jeff would like to see us formulate an approach to working through those difficulties and a plan for Narro's future.

Conversion points, GrowMozilla dashboard, stock responses

Jeff wants to introduce the team to conversion points for L10n contributors and how they relate to the GrowMozilla dashboard. Jeff also wants to walk people through the L10n:Contribute page and stock responses to use when responding to inquiries and get the team's feedback on this workflow.

Meeting structures and topic (Axel)

Axel thinks we lost track on purpose and focus on the two weekly meetings, let's reconvene about those.

Resourcing, what do we need to build out internally, moco-wide, community-wide

What resources do we need over the course of the next year to do our job, team-internal, moco-wide, and community-wide?

Goals Q3 and 2013

Axel wants to chat about goals in the last quarter, but also for the next year.

And also with a retrospective on this year?
Time spent online with Localizers (Pascal)

In the last year, most of us were very busy on tasks that require concentration time (coding /ex) and that means less time spent with our localizers online. I don't know how we can solve it, but that's not good.

Localization sessions at MozCamp EU

Add your session here. Include a link to its wiki page.

OpenReaktor with Mozilla

On Thursday evening, starting at 7 PM, there will be a networking event hosted in a friendly co-working space called Reaktor. It's in the northern part of town, but easily accessible from the downtown by metro. You can learnmore about the event on facebook.

Staś suggestes we got there, and before that, we can go for a walk in the old town.