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Mozilla Telugu l10n Team

Telugu (te)

Team Registration: bug 301816

Team Mailing list

Te Mailing list

Browser/toolkit/styleguide - Peer

Krishnababu Krothapalli => bug 410785

Current Owner

Dinesh Mv => LDAP Access: YES => bug 1307697

Our Team

Active team members

Name Email Role Hg Access Joined year
Dinesh Mv dineshmv38(at)gmail(dot)com Locale leader -- 2015
Ranjith Raj Vasam ranjithraj.vasam@gmail.com Translator -- 2017
Jayesh KR kr.jayesh94@gmail.com Contributor -- 2015
Sai Karthik Contributor -- 2016
Sandeep Kapalawai kapalawai.sandeep.sandeep(at)gmail.com Contributor -- 2015
Veeven veeven(at)gmail(dot)com Contributor YES 2008
Sumanth Siddavatam sumanth1594@gmail.com Contributor -- 2015
Hari priya haripriya.g@gmail.com Contributor -- 2016
Sahithi sahithi.thinker@gmail.com Contributor - 2017
Your Name Email Role Hg Access Year

Our Amazing previous contributors

Name Email Role HG Access Joined Year
Krishnababu Krothapalli k.meetme@gmail.com Browser Owner YES 2008
Arjun Rao arjunaraoc@gmail.com Contributor -- --
RKVS Raman rkvsraman@gmail.com Mail & Calender peer -- 2006
Vijay attitudevijay@gmail.com Contributor -- --
Dyvik Chenna -- Contributor -- 2014
Nikhil Patel -- Contributor -- 2014

How to join l10n telugu team

  • Any new contributor wants to join Telugu, can join mailing lists of Telugu Mailing List and also join Mozilla L10N
  • Introduce yourself on the dev-l10n-te mailing list explaining why do you want to contribute for Telugu l10n.
  • New contributors will be guided by the active l10n contributors.
  • Any issue with in the team or with l10n work will be discussed on mailing lists

Status of Telugu locale

Our mozilla platforms

  • Pontoon is a localization tool. It specializes in translating websites in-place, but can handle virtually any project that uses one of the standard localization file formats. Development takes place on GitHub, where you can find documentation, ways to get involved and contact information.
  • Mozilla Transvision is a tool used by the Mozilla Community to search translations extracted from products and websites.

Web Localization Dashboard

To know more about our works, Please visit Telugu Dashboard

Global Health Status

Checkout the health status of telugu locale.

Global status of l10n is  95.87%  by the 11th March, 2017

Active projects

16 projects are live on pontoon and 15 projects are 100% localized by 25th,sept. 2016 

Help us by testing a project

Help needed for projects

Note: Before you start contributing, we strongly recommend you to follow our style guide.

L10n Tool kit

Style Guide
 References taken from MDN & Fuel style Guide

Team communication Channels

Recent events/ Activities


  • Team participated in Indic l10n Hackathon 2016 at New Delhi.
  • What happend at the hackathon?
 Telugu l10n team has worked with some set of goals to accomplish them. Follow the URL to find out more.
Tasks Accomplished from October 2016 - February 2017
  • bug 1309919 - Verified and Improved 10,650 Firefox Aurora Strings.
  • bug 1307344 - Removed all double spaces in strings which happened during import
  • bug 1309919 - Reviewed all the strings in Firefox Aurora.