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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: Wednesday, 8 AM PST, conf bridge 206
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back-channel

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Meeting Notes

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  • Put your talking points here.
    • [Jeff] December l10n work week in Utah
      • Which week works best for you: December 2-6 or December 9-13?

Action Items


Project updates


  • keeping on putting home pages live, currenty 38 locales (~70% of l10n user base)
  • 2 new contributors this week: Arabic and Czech. One new Slovak should soon start.
  • looking at how we can work around the download box + template logic that prevents putting locales online if we don't have Firefox Desktop + show 3.6 download (ex: bn-IN) for locales that are not currently on release channel
  • put the partners page for translation for el, sr, cs, hu. It's 90 strings, I am looking for people for these locales to help so as to not divert our current localizers.
  • mission page l10n going well





Other engagement projects



Tools / L20n

  • langchecker allows giving the exact coverage on the site on a per string basis (ex: this string is translated in 43 languages and covers 87% of our user base). This is complementing our per page stats and allows deciding if we ask webdev/marketing to activate a change of not for a page or the UI, ex: the share widget on Firefox OS download page)
  • met with Dwayne and he will make changes in his process on Locamotion so as to propose more up to date content for web parts for the localizers and so as to allow us to import the strings by ourselves with langchecker. A more middle term change will be that we will have an activity stats API we can query on dashboard to know if people are working and to identify them without having to visit the site.
  • experimenting with SlimerJS to create multiple screenshots of our pages at all sizes (responsive) for QA of visual issues, works well so far.

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