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As L20n is in its very early stages, the current examples are pretty rudimentary and tailored to show the feasibility of particular aspects. They're not all working on the same fileformat either, merely because that makes them easier to implement. Examples will be listed in chronological order, the further you go down, the bigger will be the differences compared to what's supposed to be the end result.

Right now, all demos are implemented in js, with varying use of the dojo toolkit, for no particular reason.

Von allen Gedanken

This revision added macros and expressions, and is the first time we can do demos for plurals again, which happens to be the only new sample this cycle, too. All Meet Pete examples work without modification.

Plurals demo

This demo shows how to create a macro and how to call into it to create strings depending on unknown quantities.

Plurals demo

Declension demo

This is a sample to demo the flexibility of l20n, going as far as to provide an extra value for one particular use. Mostly, because I don't know Finnish at all, so I couldn't really pick a better name.

Please note that the complexity in this example is only affecting the Finnish localization, the English version remains unaffected.

Thanks to Sini Ruohamaa for the request.

Declensions demo

Meet Pete

These demos are based on a pretty good grammar for the file formats, but don't support expressions yet, that's why there are no plural demos in this section. Meet Pete is the code name for this version.

App-Toolkit demo

This demo shows how to compose strings from two separate files, and how to make the resulting string look good. A typical example of a string from toolkit using the application name.

app-toolkit demo

Tested on Firefox 2.

Accesskeys demo

This sample shows how to keep things together that belong together. In this case, that happens to be the value and the accesskey attributes for a HTML button. (Sadly, the accesskey doesn't work in fx2, tips? Bug 127411)

accesskeys demo

Language fallback

This sample shows how to implement one locale falling back to another. Using en-GB and en-US with en-GB falling back to en-US is merely because I don't speak any interesting languages, but the fallback path is totally programmatic and can be any locale to any other.

fallback demo

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