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Gender dependence


In italian articles, numerations and adjectives are gender dependent.This causes problems with calendar (and other apps. maybe) since it isn't possible now to change the gender of a word depending on the term it relates to. Here are some examples:

The first day of the month -> Il primo giorno del mese
The first week of the month -> La prima settimana del mese
The first day of the week -> Il primo giorno della settimana
The third Monday of the month -> Il terzo lunedì del mese
The third Sunday of the month -> La terza domenica del mese

Every Friday -> Tutti i venerdì
Every Sunday -> Tutte le domeniche

The first day -> Il primo giorno
The first days -> I primi giorni
The first week -> La prima settimana
The first weeks -> Le prime settimane

A good day -> Un buon giorno
A good week -> Una buona settimana
Some good days -> [Alcuni|Dei] buoni giorni
Some good weeks -> [Alcune|Delle] buone settimane

1 day -> 1 giorno
2 days -> 2 giorni
1 week -> 1 settimana
2 weeks -> 2 settimane


In Russian, numerations nominal declension is subject to six cases (as noun). Adjectives agree with the numerations (or nouns) they modify in gender, number, and case. We have many variants. Some words like year it have two forms dependent from numbers:

1 year -> 1 год
2 years -> 2 года
3 years -> 3 года
4 years -> 4 года
5 yеars -> 5 лет
6 years -> 6 лет

Russian noun it have three grammar gender(masculine, feminine, and neuter). Good example is using every with week days:

Every Monday -> Каждый понедельник //m
Every Tuesday -> Каждый вторник //m
Every Wednesday -> Каждую среду //f
Every Thursday -> Каждый четверг //m
Every Friday -> Каждую пятницу //f
Every Saturday -> Каждую субботу //f
Every Sunday -> Каждое воскресенье //n

Another example from Sunbird:

every 3 years the first Monday of March -> Каждые 3 года в первый Понедельник Марта
every 4 years the second Monday of March -> Каждые 4 года во второй Понедельник Марта
every 5 years the third Monday of March -> Каждые 5 лет в третий Понедельник Марта

And this page examples:

The first day of the month -> Первый день месяца
The first week of the month -> Первая неделя месяца
The first day of the week -> Первый день недели
The third Monday of the month -> Третий Понедельник месяца
The third Sunday of the month -> Третье Воскресенье месяца

The first day -> Первый день
The first days -> Первые дни
The first week -> Первая неделя
The first weeks -> Первые недели

A good day -> Хороший день
A good week -> Хорошая неделя
Some good days -> Несколько хороших дней
Some good weeks -> Несколько хороших недель

1 day -> 1 день
2 days -> 2 дня
1 week -> 1 неделя
2 weeks -> 2 недели

See also Bugzilla:L10N:Problems#Grammatical_gender