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Meeting Details

  • Tuesdays - 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern, 16:00 UTC
  • Mozilla Building S
  • +1 650 903 0800 x92 Conf# 347 (USA/International)
  • +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 347 (Canada)
  • +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 347 (US Toll Free)
  • #bespin for backchannel

If you can't dial in for some reason, let us know your info so we can try to bridge you in.


  • Command line changes
  • Documentation
  • OpenID
  • Debugger Bar
  • 'The List'

Julian (j4c)

Meeting Notes

  • 0.2.3 released last week to fix
  • 0.2 is now developed on a branch repository
  • hg-git
  • git vcs integration
  • command line changes
    • we're not popping up from the pie
    • we now have a proper command line history
    • better formatting for the history
    • pie menu is taking a lot of space, but the idea is that we'll fine tune after getting everything in the pie menu working
    • should we sync command line history with the server?
      • Joe says that it may be kind of annoying to have the history to the server, because you might very well be working on different projects at home
      • per browser seems more pleasant
      • perhaps use a per-project history?
      • Ben suggests for the short term we just do per browser command line history storage
      • Gordon wonders if it's possible to have multiple Bespin tabs/windows open and still be able to have separate histories for each window
      • per browser for now
    • Talked about completion
      • Joe suggested that the history numbers could be hashes rather than sequential numbers, so that they don't change
      • Joe is going to implement the bash-style history where you start typing a command and press up arrow and it searches upward through the matches
  • Julian points out that the project page needs a lot of love, because it hasn't changed since the launch.
  • Need a new blog entry too
  • Julian also said that people don't know where to go for help. He said we need a page that shows people who are coming to the project who works on what, so they know where to go for help
  • Julian also suggested a visual change to toolbar buttons that have UI that pops up so that it is easy to see the connection between the toolbar and the UI that pops up. Dion points out that the toolbar is still there, but we plan to remove some buttons from there and leave it open for expansion.
  • Julian would like to use Bespin to work on Thunderhead. He suggests a stronger preview feature that makes it easy to preview an HTML page while you're working on a JS file that is used by that HTML page.
  • Julian needs Thunderhead 2 for Bespin to do code completion, and that hasn't landed yet.
  • Julian asked about the state of quick open. Ben is going to work on the quick open design this week.
  • Gordon asked if you can preview within a single browser window. Dion said that it's an open discussion as to whether we use tabs within tabs, browser tabs, other windows, etc. Gordon said he'd really just like it so that the preview button swaps out the current view and then swaps it back in. Dion said this is more or less like the inline preview mode.
  • Regarding documentation, we seemed to be in agreement that we would move to JSDoc. Joe is worried about how it handles nested functions.
    • We're going to give JSDoc a go and see.
  • OpenID
    • do we only allow OpenID?
    • we do want the feature where you can try out Bespin without registering at all
    • Plan for now: add OpenID without eliminating current username/password use and measure how people use it
  • "The List"
    • Gordon said that he only has read-only access so he can't update bug numbers (Ben will look into this)
    • Gordon was wondering why we don't use a wiki - (Ben: wiki table syntax is terrible)
    • Other than that, the spreadsheet makes it much easier to add lightweight tasks and to sort things into an explicit order
  • Dion met with a company that is working on tools for agile teams in distributed environments.
    • This includes real time status streams and whatnot.
    • They're making all of that an open API and they want to build in Bespin support.
    • We can be client #2 for their tools (where they're client #1).
    • They also want to integrate Bugzilla data/wiki/irc
    • Dion said that they had really nice visualizations
    • Coming down the line in a couple of months.
  • Gordon said that undo doesn't appear to be taking cursor moves and such into account. He has some fixes in his repo. Tracked in bug 494709.