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Meeting Details

  • Tuesdays - 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern, 16:00 UTC
  • Mozilla Building S
  • +1 650 903 0800 x92 Conf# 347 (USA/International)
  • +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 347 (Canada)
  • +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 347 (US Toll Free)
  • #bespin for backchannel

If you can't dial in for some reason, let us know your info so we can try to bridge you in.


  • Pub/sub across the wire
  • Plugins: what do you want to be able to extend?

Gordon (GPHemsley)

Not too much on my list. Just some bugs that need attention.

Bugs that need attention

  • bug 495521 – Holding down paste key combo pastes older items from clipboard
  • bug 494542 – undoing multiline selection delete fails

Meeting Notes

  • Spoke about pub/sub being used more often
    • Joe and I were talking about this on Monday
    • A more unified model for communication between components
    • and also for communication with the server
    • tradeoffs - the native language syntax is not as nice as just making a function call
    • advantages
      • loose coupling
      • asynchronous automatically
      • listen to a whole collection of messages at once
    • julian wondering about performance
    • need a way to send out a message and get a response back (subscribe doesn't make sense in this case)
  • plugins
    • Julian thinks that plugins should be able to impact how paint works (and will work on this)
    • toolbar should be customizable
      • plugins say "I have this button for the toolbar"
      • button gets added to the end
      • user can move it
      • bespin remembers the placement of the toolbar buttons
    • types of plugins
      • adding things to paint function (highlighters)
      • adding icons to toolbar
      • attach windows to the side
      • bring up new windows with thunderhead code
      • adding commands
      • syntax highlighting engines
    • Gordon asked what kinds of things we can do by plugging into paint
      • Julian mentioned things like underlining mistakes
  • Julian mentioned settings and how there's getting to be a lot
    • Kevin had talked with Dion who would like to have settings registered and do command line completion and whatnot on the settings
    • Gordon gave the example of about:config as one way the settings could work
    • settings should be validated
    • the settings should all be registered so you don't have to guess at what a setting is called
    • settings should have appropriate defaults and types
    • Alex Iskander pointed out that settings could have custom validators (but we should use this sparingly because we don't want to have to load plugins)
  • bug 495521 – Holding down paste key combo pastes older items from clipboard - Mac only problem. Gordon noticed that you get the "ding" that means you can't do that now, but it pastes anyhow. For everyone else the paste does the behavior reported in the bug.
    • Sean tried reproducing this with tip on Windows and Linux with multiple versions of Firefox but was not successful – may have been inadvertently fixed
    • Sean can reproduce this on, though
  • bug 494542 – undoing multiline selection delete fails. Alex may have introduced this by not having a check for autoindent. Just a 1 line change to model.js. We should pull the fix. splitrow function of model.js line 164 in that revision
  • Alex has another repo with block selection mode work including typing on multiple lines at a time.
  • bug 494709: the deleteSelection change on line 571: should fix the remaining part of this
    • Minus the line in undoArgs about blockMode
  • Axel Hecht opened this bug bug 495956 for key handling problems in Bespin. These are the problems that first appeared with 3.5b4 and apparently still appear in Shiretoko.
    • There doesn't appear to be a plan to fix the issue by 3.5 final, so we may have to change Bespin code to deal with it.
  • Gordon likes bugs getting attention (the ones from a couple weeks ago have not yet had the attention)
    • Kevin said that it's more the state of where we are now as a project
      • right now, we're still focused on some core things
      • The more we dogfood Bespin, the more we'll fix the minor annoyances.
      • the refinements will happen just with some more time
  • Dany brought up automated testing and said that we should have more
    • Kevin said that the UI stuff can be hard and we can get most of the benefit without as much work by
      • dogfooding Bespin so that we catch the UI problems
      • writing automated tests for the actions triggered by the UI