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FD needs to talk to Add-on Builder Helper extension. It uses its API to

  1. install add-on
  2. uninstall add-on
  3. check if Helper is installed
  4. listen to document.body.addonbuilderhelperstart

Installing Add-ons

If the Helper is installed hitting Test add-on should be simply installed

if (window.mozFlightDeck) {
  FD->createAndDownloadXPI // using currently displayed content
  window.mozFlightDeck.send({cmd:"install",contents: downloadedXPI}   

Else display the warning with ability to install the Helper. Listen for the event fired after its installation and try to install add-on again. The listening for the event should be cancelled after some time or after certain action.

if (!window.mozFlightDeck) {
  // listen for the event
  $(document.body).addEvent('addonbuilderhelperstart', function() {
  // stop listening after some time
  (function() {

If browser's version is < 4.0 event will not be fired, but user has to restart the browser. Warning should be displayed that user will loose all unsaved data. Check if there it will be possible to display the warning on restarting or if it should be displayed before installing the Helper.