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LEGAL NOTICE: Mozilla is providing links to these third-party Jetpack features as a courtesy, and makes no representations regarding the commands or any information related there to. Any questions, complaints or claims regarding the commands must be directed to the appropriate developer or software vendor.

There Be Dragons Here

Pioneering can be crazy fun, but also a bit dangerous. The features referenced here have not been reviewed by Mozilla. They may contain malicious code, so use them only at your own risk. When adding yours, insert it in alphabetical order!

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Any Webpage Slidebar 
Visit this site to create your own jetpack slidebar containing any website. I had too many ideas for good websites, so I just let people pick their own. Change url, width, and persistence.
AutoSave / AutoRecover 
Adds AutoSave / AutoRecover functionality to any webpage containing <textarea> fields. If you accidentally navigate to a different page or delete your comment you can simply restore it by pressing the AutoRecover button. Just like Word's AutoRecover functionality.
Bad Domain 
Prompts for a correction when a domain is not found. Most useful if your ISP sends you to a search page in such cases.
Better Gmail Notifier 0.2 
Displays icon with number of unread emails with a notification when new mail or new chat messages are received. Clicking it will take you to your Gmail tab.
Inserts inputs into the status bar for a countdown timer that lets you self-impose a limit on your web-surfing time. When time expires, the content of the tabs are removed and replaced with a red background.
Bugzilla Predict Bugfix 
Predicts probability of bug fix for based on the initial bug report. Can help bug triagers to focus attention to most promising bugreports.
Busted Loop Squarespace Jetpack 
Monitor your real time Squarespace traffic in an overlay.
Copy on Select 
Adds my favorite feature of X11 to Firefox, copy-on-select. Just select some text with the mouse and it will be added to the clipboard.
Crowdsource Flamy Firefox Bugreports 
Rate Firefox bugreports on the use of negative words to help gathering data about effective community management practices.
Cylon in your Browser 
Adds a Cylon from Battle Star Galactica to your browser.
Defines the selected text. Select a word and then click 'define' in the status bar. A div is added to the document with Google's definition of the selected word ( Click the X icon to remove the definition box.
Delicious Notifier 
Shows the current number of saves for the page you're viewing. Click on the Delicious icon to go to the "Everyone's Bookmarks on Delicious" page for that URL.
DeviantArt Messages
Displays a DeviantArt icon with the number of unread messages in your dA inbox as well as displays a notification bubble when the contents of your inbox changes.
Demonoid Registration Checker
Alerts you when registration is open..
Translate text on a webpage directly in the slidebar via's online translation website. (German page) Based on Jimmy Miller's Wikipedia Slide Jetpack.
Edit Page 
Adds a button to the status bar for easy access to editing web pages ("photoshop for web pages").
External Link Highlighter 
Highlights links which lead off-site in a Wikipedia-like fashion, thereby allowing you to differentiate between on- and off-site links at a glance.
The snap shot is preserved in desktop of you. Windows OS only. (japanese).
Feeling down? Use this Jetpack to randomly generate a new FML anecdote from the popular site at the top of the current tab. It will surely help you feel alot better about yourself!
Facebook Infix Status Mod
allows you to use your name within your Facebook status, e.g. "Did you see that cool Jetpack addon Daniel Hough made?"
Facebook Chat
Facebook chat simply by placing the facebook popup chat in the new slider. Now with notifications.
Force New Window

Very simple Jetpack that adds a button to the status bar. When the button is pressed, all links are made to open in a new window. Great with search results.

Gmail chat notifier
displays a notification bubble when chat messages are received in Gmail's built-in chat.
Gmail it
add the button (Gmail it) for sending the viewed page in gmail .
Google Images Direct Link 
Changes the Google Image Search resultset links to open in a new window directly to the image rather than the default frameset.
Google Reader Notifier 0.1 
Displays icon with number of unread RSS items. Clicking it will take you to your Google Reader tab.
Updated Google Reader Notifications
Updated version of script above, but uses asynchronous calls and displays individual blog specific notifications.
Google Translator 
Translates pages or selected texts using Google Translate and user-selected destination language. Menu is made of a single button.
Translates web pages or selected text using Google Translate. The language being translated to defaults to the user's native language if it is supported by Google Translate.
Hacker News Top Headline 
Display the top Hacker News headline in your status bar. Support for viewing both the linked article and its comments.
iGoogle Cleaner
cleans up iGoogle by hiding the Search header, Left Column, and Footer elements.
Image Swapper 
Mixes up the images in all of your open tabs (video demo)
Kind of Gmail Notifier for Google Wave. Check new messages ("waves") and display unread message count on status bar. Controller 
Controls playback of music in an open tab. Love, ban and skip controls are provided. Current artist and song name are displayed in status bar next to control icons.
Plays the "Mangaaa!" sound from "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brein" on opening of OneManga and MangaFox homepages.
Displays tweets (Twitter messages) related to the the content of the tab/document a user currently on. episode/chapter updater 
Displays Myanimelist icon, episode/chapter counter and button to update counter.
If you have set your ui.key.contentAccess to use the ALT key and use ALT+D to get to the address bar, you run into issues with sites that 'steal' the D key for other purposes. (Twitter uses it to direct you to the DM page for example) This feature gives you back your D key (by removing the 'accesskey="d"' property from A and INPUT tags).
No blank stare 
A super-simple jetpack which eliminates all occurrences of target="_blank" from a web page. Consequently, all hyperlinks open on the current page/tab. (German page)
Save simple, persistent notes in the slide bar.
Notify allows any website to send system notifications through Jetpack.
Paint it Black 
This addon creates a checkbox in the bottom right of your firefox window that when checked changes the .css .body to black. which is the most useful when surfing google or youtube.
Manage tabs in the slidebar.
Selector Gadget 
Easily find the CSS selectors for items on a page with a couple clicks.
Skip process_bug 
On, redirects you from process_bug.cgi, attachment.cgi, post_bug.cgi to the actual bug page (so you're not stuck on POSTed pages)
A branched version of Quicktab that includes autohide, a more compact layout, and subtitle separation. (Created with permission from the original author)
Allows very quick searches, dictionary, wiki, map, image lookups for selected text by simply pressing a key. Aimed for speedy use.

SNS All in One 
Get SNS services easier. It's just provided Chinese SNS services now. Including Douban and Xiaonei.
Songza Media Controls 
Simple controls for without having to switch tabs.
Stack Overflow Karma 
Keep track of your Stack Overflow karma.
Tab Rotator 
for kiosk displays, rotates between tabs
Tab Switcher 
Quicksilver-like keyboard interface for switching tabs.
Locates rev=canonical links within a page, so that people can use the web site's preferred tiny url. If it doesn't exist, uses to create one. URL shortener
select a url, click the button, and the shortened url is in the clipboard.
Twitter Trends ticker
Ticker-tape display of the current top trends on Twitter.
Twitter Trends Notifier
Notifies when new trends come up Twitter.
shows you a summary of Wunderground's weather forecast for your location in your status bar. Click on the summary to go to Wunderground's detailed forecast for your location.
Populates a div with the contents of the Wikipedia article that corresponds to your selected text. Select text and then click 'wikify' in the status bar to use. Click the X icon to remove the Wiki article box.
Wikipedia Slide
Loads the currently selected text's wikipedia mobile page into the slider.
Verizon MIFI 2200 Battery Status Indicator
The MIFI 2200 totally rocks! Now, if we just knew before the little wireless-distributing, broadband-powerhouse's BATTERY died (without notice)! Now you can...just run this jetpack, and the battery status icon is updated twice per minute. A "Jetpack Notification" gently appears to let you know that the battery indicator is showing zero bars. Version 2 released Dec 7, 2009 (fixes two major bugs).
shows you the latest message from the social news site via notification. Click on the status bar icon takes you to the full message.
start a xdebug session based on the current tab url. Notify you when timeout is reached.
Zenbe notifier
a notifier for Zenbe with the count of your unread messages.