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JEP 36 - Localization environment

  • Champion: Zbigniew Braniecki <gandalf at mozilla dot com>
  • Status: Planning
  • Type: Environment
  • Created: 9 Dec 2009
  • Reference Implementation: None
  • JEP Index

Introduction and Rationale

Once we have JEP 35 we will need an environment for localization of jetpacks, maintenance of localizations, l10n statistics and process for localization process, for submitting localizations, requesting localizations, controling localizations etc.

We will need to build a process and mechanisms for that, plus build tools/webtools around jetpack gallery.


We have very little idea on how we want to do this.

Some ideas are:

  • Store l10n files separately
  • Autoversion files
  • Make sure we can easily merge/update localizations with new entities
  • Give control over localization to jetpack author and localization communities
  • Allow crowdsourcing as an opt-in option
  • Provide statistics on "most wanted" localization for jetpacks
  • Be able to extract entities from jetpack
  • Help localizers by showing where the entities is being used and give more context
  • Allow pulling localization for a jetpack once it appears