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JEP 119 - ctypes

  • Champion: Dan Witte -
  • Status: [Accepted, Under Review, Info Needed, Declined] / [In-Production, Pre-Production, Not-Started, Later Release]
  • Bug Ticket: someTicket#
  • Type: API
  • Difficulty: 4


Allows jetpack to interact with shared libraries installed on the system and third-party shared libraries shipped with the jetpack.

Key Issues

  • ctypes gives the jetpack full chrome privileges.
  • Including third-partly libraries may be a packaging challenge.
  • jetpacks which rely on ctypes are probably not cross-platform

Dependencies & Requirements

  • bug 538324 - move js-ctypes into js/src so that it doesn't depend on XPConnect (needed for multi-process)

Capabilities Required (if applicable)

  • full privileges

API Methods (if applicable)

See Jsctypes/api. the ctypes global object would be available as jetpack.ctypes

Use Cases

Example: jetpack which allows web sites to use the OS camera (especially on mobile). The jetpack would load the system libraries which interact with the camera and expose content APIs for taking a picture and uploading it to the site (using pagemods).

Common Actions