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Provide an initial set of high-level APIs for simplified extension development along with example extensions that take advantage of the APIs.

Note: During the development cycle, after realizing that API development was going to take longer than expected, we decided to refocus this release on a set of bug fixes, in particular better support for using the SDK on Windows.


Planned Actual
Start 2010-03-01 2010-03-03
Freeze 2010-03-21 2010-03-18
RC1 2010-03-22 2010-03-19
RC2 2010-03-24
Final 2010-03-29 2010-03-26
Note: After refocusing on bug fixes, we decided to move the release up from the 29th to the 26th to get the Windows fixes in the hands of users earlier, which necessitated moving first RC up too.

Status: Released: 2010-03-26


Deliverable Owner JEP Bug Status
Panel API Myk 103 bug 494238 [MISSED]
Single UI Element API Myk 102 bug 543585 [MISSED]
Simple Storage API Drew 104 bug 548589 [DEFERRED]
Page Mods API 107 bug 546739 [MISSED]
Request API 109 bug 547091 [MISSED]
Registered Jetpack URLs Atul 106 bug 549319 [MISSED]
Context Menu API Drew 112 bug 548590 [MISSED]
Localization API Gandalf 113 bug 549315 [MISSED]
Content Frames Security Model Brian 115 bug 549316 [DONE]
Tabs API Atul 110 bug 549317 [MISSED]
Selection API 111 bug 547092 [MISSED]
example extensions Daniel [DEFERRED]