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Land the majority of the high-level APIs in the initial set (JEPs 102-116).


Milestone Expected Actual Notes
Thaw Monday, April 26 Tuesday, April 27 The 0.3 freeze lasted a day longer than expected, so the tree thawed for 0.4 development a day late.
Freeze Tuesday, May 18 (11:59pm PDT) Tuesday, May 18
RC1 Wednesday, May 19 Friday, May 21 forum post
RC2 Tuesday, May 25 spun to pick up several blocker fixes discovered after the rc1 release; forum post
RC3 Tuesday, May 25 spun to pick up patch for blocker bug 567642, which was accidentally omitted from RC2
Thaw Monday, May 24
Final Wednesday, May 26

Status: Released: 2010-05-26


Summary Owner Priority References Status Notes
CFX tool reference Noelle P2 bug 563739 [DONE]
Docs restructuring phase 1 (reorganize existing docs) Noelle P1 bug 566493 [DONE]
Docs restructuring phase 2 (reorganize, update tutorial) Noelle P1 bug 565204 [MISSED]
Lifecycle API Dietrich P1 JEP 105, bug 549324 [MISSED] Harness changes didn't land in time, nothing blocking now though. Retargeted to 0.5, assigned to Drew.
Localization API gandalf P1 JEP 113, bug 549315 [MISSED]
Page Worker API Felipe P1 JEP 108, bug 546740 [DONE] landed
Panel API Myk P1 JEP 103, bug 494238 [MISSED]
Places API Marco P1 JEP 114, bug 545700 [MISSED] message in forum, examples in JEP could use review and feedback
Private Browsing API Paul P1 JEP 116, bug 503233 [DONE] landed
Request API Paul P1 JEP 109, bug 547091 [MISSED] work in progress in place, no docs or tests yet
Restartless addons compatibility Atul P1 bug 562819 [DONE] landed
Selection API Eric Jung P1 JEP 111, bug 547092 [MISSED]
Simple Storage API Drew P1 JEP 104, bug 548589 [DONE] landed
Single UI Element (Addon Bar) API - Phase 1 Dietrich P1 JEP 102, bug 543585 [DONE] landed
Unforgeable IDs Brian P1 JEP 118, bug 553020 [DONE] Windows naming issue came up; Brian looking into it and thinks he has a fix
Well-defined SDK search path Brian P2 [MISSED]