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Make APIs compatible with E10S.


Milestone Expected Actual Notes
Thaw Monday, June 21 Tuesday, June 22 late breaking blockers for 0.5 held this back a day
Freeze Monday, July 19 (11:59pm PT) Monday, July 19
RC1 Tuesday, July 20
Final Tuesday, July 27 Monday, July 28

Status: Released: 2010-07-28


Summary Owner Priority References Status Notes
E10S-compatible context-menu API Drew P1 bug 578849 [MISSED] Drew, Benjamin, & Myk have been discussing, came up with potential plan
Complete documentation for all APIs Noelle P1 bug 563284  ? Myk to follow up with Noelle about this
E10S-compatible Panel API Myk P1 JEP 103, bug 494238 [MISSED] Myk didn't finish patch, but it is in late stages of WIP
E10S-compatible Page Mods API Nickolay P1 JEP 107 bug 546739 [MISSED] depended on Panel
E10S-compatible Widget API Myk P1 [MISSED] depended on Panel; Myk to take on after Panel; Dietrich to review
Prepare Widget API for Fx4 integration Dietrich P1 bug 568932, bug 574688 [DONE] Fx project page