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Be E10S-compatible. Be beta quality.


Milestone Expected Actual Notes
Thaw Monday, August 23 Tuesday, August 24 delayed by need to respin 0.7, which didn't happen until August 24
Freeze Tuesday, September 14 (11:59pm PT) Tuesday, September 14 (11:59pm PT)
RC1 Wednesday, September 15 Thursday, September 23 test failures took much longer than expected to track down and resolve
Final Wednesday, September 22 Monday, September 27?

Status: Released: 2010-09-27


Summary Owner Priority References Status Notes
E10S-compatibility fixes for Widget API  ??? P1 bug 569479 [MISSED]
E10S-compatibility fixes for Private Browsing API  ??? P1 bug 592821 [MISSED]
distinguish between high and low level modules Atul P1 bug 592848 [MISSED] well underway, but better to land at beginning of next cycle
enforce statically declared require() statements Atul P1 bug 591515 [DONE]
identify dependent modules by relative path Brian P2 bug 591525 [MISSED]
Places API Dietrich P1 JEP 114 bug 545700 [MISSED]
E10S-compatibility fixes for Context Menu API Drew P1 bug 578849 [MISSED]
Prompting Notifications API Drew P2 bug 590230 [MISSED]
Window API Felipe P1 bug 571449 [DONE]
E10S-compatibility fixes for Page Mods API Irakli P1 bug 592826 [DONE]
Sidebar API Irakli P2 bug 578230 [MISSED] not focused on this; other work is higher priority; ContentSymbiont changes affect this too;
Page Mods API Myk P1 JEP 107 bug 546739 [DONE]
E10S-compatibility fixes for Page Worker API Myk P1 bug 569481 [DONE]
rename product to Add-on SDK Myk P2 bug 570876 [MISSED] patch up for review; even if it gets review, this should be deferred to the release that becomes the first 1.0 beta