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Milestone Expected Actual Notes
RC1 Wednesday, May 25
1.0 Release Wednesday, June 8

1.0 Blocking Bugs

Summary Owner Bug Status Notes
Obsolete Jetpack SDK documentation should point to the new Dave bug 607171 [ON TRACK]
SDK docs should be hosted on AMO Will bug 627467 [ON TRACK]
Create release notes for Add-on SDK 1.0 Will bug 661300 [DONE]
Create FAQ for the Add-on SDK 1.0 release Will bug 661303 [ON TRACK]
Annotator's text content has become invisible in 1.0RC Irakli bug 661652 [DONE]
don't append @jetpack to IDs that already have @ in them Brian bug 661929 [DONE]
jQuery("#someEl").animate(); warning: tried to proxify something other than an object: function Alex bug 662041 [DONE]

Status: Planned: 2011-05-04

Major Deliverables

Summary Owner Priority References Status Notes
By default chrome capabilities in modules. Alex P1 bug 636145 [MISSED]
Make worker sandboxes non-privileged, but compatible with jQuery and other frameworks Alex P1 bug 601295 [ON TRACK] awaiting review from Irakli, rereview from Myk; very close
Memory leak when updating widget's content Alex P1 bug 652530 [DONE]
make smaller XPIs: only include modules that are actually used Brian P1 bug 653256 [DONE] done, but opt-in with --strip-xpi option; to be made default after 1.0
Make the Jetpack SDK follow the CommonJS Package 1.1 standard Brian P1 bug 552841 [DONE]
NPM/CommonJS work (bug 591338,bug 597596,bug 505597,bug 654983) Brian P1 multiple [DONE] done or wontfix (if no longer valid because of NPM changes)
too aggressive search for XPCOM functions Brian P1 bug 596595 [DONE]
memory global shouldn't be injected into unprivileged module scopes Brian P1 bug 620559 [MISSED]
simple-storage store not purged when add-on is uninstalled Dave P1 bug 627432 [MISSED] needs platform fix
Obsolete Jetpack SDK documentation should point to the new Dave P2 bug 607171 [ON TRACK] doesn't need to land for RC1; Dave to bug Zandr about this
Selects inside Panels don't render properly (Platform bug) Dave P1 bug 633854 [MISSED] needs platform fix
Widget elements weird content update behavior Dietrich (Alex) P1 bug 616854 [DONE]
timer module should be in add-on kit Irakli P1 bug 615921 [DONE]
First Firefox tab on a window doesn't fire "ready" event Irakli P1 bug 641396 [DONE]
Don't register unload/beforeunload event listeners anywhere in the add-on SDK Irakli P1 bug 644233 [DONE]
Switching to private browsing does not save the latest state Irakli P1 bug 647527 [DONE]
tabs.onActivate not fired when switching window Irakli P1 bug 648241 [DONE]
worker tab property pointing at activeTab, not page-mod tab Irakli P1 bug 651590 [DONE]
the 'self' module should be high-level Irakli P1 bug 615244 [DONE]
unable to run cfx testall (/usr/bin/env: bad interpreter: Permission denied) Myk P1 bug 557616 [DONE]
Panel background is dark gray on OS X Myk (Alex) P1 bug 645814 [DONE]
jetpack-win7 build fails tests due to test timeout Myk P1 bug 647126 [DONE]
jetpack tests took 272s but keeps running until buildbot times out after ~1600s Myk P1 bug 651979 [ON TRACK] will mark WFM
Panel text does not auto-contrast with panel background colour making it unreadable Myk (Alex) P1 bug 652548 [DONE]
remove running display of elapsed time Myk P1 bug 653891 [DONE]
SDK docs should be hosted on AMO Will P1 bug 627467 [ON TRACK] back on track, because graphic design will be done in time
SDK docs should be searchable Will P2 bug 620769 [MISSED]
private-browsing events documentation incomplete Will P1 bug 647526 [DONE]