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Make progress on E10S integration, module resolution/bundling, security, CommonJS compatibility, and documentation.


Milestone Expected Actual Notes
Thaw Monday, January 24 don't remember when this happened
Freeze Wednesday, February 16 @ 11am PT Wednesday, February 16 @ 11am PT froze on time, but accepted some late landings for about a day after the freeze
RC1 Wednesday, February 16 Thursday, February 17 RC1 was a day late due to late landings accepted after the freeze
RC2 Thursday, February 24 several blocker fixes
RC3 Thursday, February 28 one blocker fix
Final Tuesday, March 1 delayed due to blockers

Status: Released: 2011-03-01

Major Deliverables

Summary Owner Priority References Status Notes
Page Mods E10S Integration Irakli P1 bug 621702 [MISSED] pending e10s strategy
Traits simplification Irakli P1 bug 596248 [DONE]
Clipboard E10S Integration Myk P1 bug 627524 [MISSED] pending e10s strategy
Selection E10S Integration Myk P1 bug 627526 [MISSED] pending e10s strategy
Windows E10S Integration Myk P2 bug 627528 [MISSED] pending e10s strategy
Tabs E10S Integration Myk P2 bug 627529 [MISSED] pending e10s strategy
module resolution at build time (rewrite loader?) Brian P1 bug 627607 [MISSED]
if/when/how to sign XPIs Brian P1 bug 613618 [MISSED] message sent to discussion group with proposals; feedback solicited
be able to use NPM modules Brian P2 bug 614707 [MISSED] dependent on resolution stuff
$JSPATH Brian P2 bug 611495 [MISSED] could happen without module resolution, but probably doesn't make sense to do that
annotator addon Will P1 bug 624607 [DONE]
docs reorg Will P1 bug 619707 [DONE]
docs hosted on Will P1 bug 627467 [DONE] landed; reasonable chance landing will enable us to generate docs and get them onto AMO
tutorial based on annotator addon Will P2 bug 577558 [DONE]