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Polish functionality and feature set for Firefox 4 release.


Milestone Expected Actual Notes
Thaw Monday, February 21 Tuesday, February 22 delayed due to President's Day holiday
Freeze Wednesday, March 16 @ 11am PT Wednesday, March 16 @ 11am PT
RC1 Wednesday, March 16 Wednesday, March 16
RC2 Tuesday, March 22 respin to take a blocker fix for a test failure plus a couple low-risk ridealongs
RC3 Tuesday, March 22 respin to take one more blocker fix for a test failure that was missed when spinning RC2
Final Thursday, March 24

Status: Planned: 2011-03-24

Major Deliverables

Summary Owner Priority References Status Notes
"arrow panel" appearance for panels Alex P1 bug 636448 [ON TRACK] needs final review
window-specific widget identification and communication Alex P1 bug 630962 [MISSED] still needs more discussion
high-level postMessage wrapper Alex P2 bug 635748 [MISSED] pending Myk proposal
module resolution at build time Brian P1 bug 627607 [MISSED] not yet landed, and Brian OOO through end of cycle
XPI signing strategy Brian P1 bug 613618 [MISSED] not yet landed, and Brian OOO through end of cycle
be able to use NPM modules Brian P2 bug 614707 [MISSED] not yet landed, and Brian OOO through end of cycle
$JSPATH Brian P2 bug 611495 [MISSED] not yet landed, and Brian OOO through end of cycle
Password Manager API Irakli P1 bug 637292 [DONE] patch pending review by Dietrich
make it no longer necessary for Firefox to unpack SDK-generated XPIs Irakli P1 bug 638742 [MISSED] touches hairy code; changes are complicated; could conflict with changes that Brian is making
Keyboard Shortcuts API Irakli P2 bug 584064 [AT RISK] patch up for review
test runner only reports test function for first test failure Irakli P2 bug 596818 [DONE]
"system unable to find the specified registry key or value" error Myk P2 bug 574563 [MISSED]
e10s strategy Myk P1 [MISSED] Myk to discuss w/Irakli this week
content script communication improvements strategy Myk P1 [MISSED] various proposals being discussed
page mod access to chrome-privileged stylesheet info strategy Myk P2 [ON TRACK] Myk to wrap up and communicate decision documentation Will P1 bug 634295 [ON TRACK] needs checkin
code-embedded documentation Will P1 bug 636319 [MISSED] needs review from Brian
documentation search Will P2 bug 620769 [MISSED] Will thought about it a bit; not sure how to make it happen online and off; needs further discussion, perhaps when Will is in Mountain View
cfx documentation Will P2 [AT RISK]
docs links that work in both SDK and builder Will P3 bug 610030 [AT RISK]
first-order events in documentation Will P3 bug 617029 [AT RISK]