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This is the project home page for the Mozilla lexicon project.


The Mozilla lexicon is available at Lexicon:All.


The Mozilla lexicon is a contributor-generated vocabulary of terms associated with the Mozilla project, but excluding technical terms already defined in the Mozilla Develop Network Doc Center. The lexicon is in addition to the Mozilla Firefox brand toolkit which does have a glossary of key terms. The initial focus of the lexicon will be the definition of terms related to how Mozilla discusses itself as a community and a project

Extended description

The lexicon project was started due to the fact that there has been significant growth in the Mozilla project recently (2011) with many new contributors joining and some leaving. With the growth in new contributors, new projects there is a need to gather project-related terms in one place for definition and clarify. MDN provides an unparalleled platform for documentation of technical terminology related to both Mozilla and open-web but it is not the right place to gather Mozilla-project related terms. The Creative team's new Firefox brand toolkit also provides guidance on key terms related to Firefox and the brand, but the lexicon aims to be broader than 1 product.


A common vocabulary and understanding of the terminology and language of the Mozilla project itself.


  1. Develop a defined vocabulary of terms specific to the Mozilla project in order to minimize confusion and foster growth of the community.
  2. Develop a contributor base to build and define the key terms of the lexicon
  3. Promote usage of lexicon within the Mozilla project to clarify confusion in discussions

What is the process?

  1. Terms confusing within the Mozilla project or that require additional clarification will be proposed on this page (see below).
  2. Terms under discussion will be discussed on their own page.
  3. Terms will be added to Lexicon:All once the lexicon core contributors come to agreement on the definition of the term.

How can I help?

  • Contribute to the lexicon by contacting Dino with your interest
  • Provide confusing words for clarification
  • Help define confusing words
  • Help localize (TBD, further discussion needed regarding l10n process and system)
  • Use the lexicon in your work (by linking to it or using the definitions)


The lexicon is launched at the beginning of October, 2011. Feedback on the goals, direction and next steps will be gathered by Dino Anderson. Please contact Dino if you would like to contribute to the lexicon in any way, or edit this wiki with your feedback. Feedback will be incorporated and those who wish to contribute to the lexicon will work towards broadening the lexicon, defining key terms, and promoting the lexicon within Mozilla.

Add terms to define here

If there are Mozilla project-related terms that you are unclear about or you have seen confusion about in project discussions, please list them here for discussion and definition.They will be defined and placed in the lexicon by fellow contributors or by you if you would like to help.

  • plug-in / extension (note the different between these two)
  • chrome (not Google Chrome, but chrome://)
  • add additional terms here...


Edit this page to place your feedback here: