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Alumni are people who have previously contributed to a Mozilla activity or function but are not currently active.

AMO stands for addons.mozilla.org.


BYOB Build Your Own Browser was a web-based application that simplifies light customizations of Mozilla Firefox. You could have given it a whirl at byob.mozilla.com prior to July of 2012, but it was shut down in June 2012.


a chemspill is a minor release that is delivered outside the normal release schedule, typically in response to an urgent security issue.

a collective is a group of paid and volunteer contributors that are working together on a particular project area, such as the Creative Collective.

the Mozilla community are all contributors (core, active, casual) to the Mozilla project in aggregate. This encompasses both paid staff as well volunteer contributors.

Community building is a practice of creating and enhancing community around an interest.

a contribute group is a planning group, led by a or several stewards, where paid and volunteer contributors create strategies for bringing more volunteers into their projects.

a contributor to the Mozilla project is anyone who believes in the Mozilla mission, takes action to support the mission and interacts with other community members.

an active contributor is someone who has given substantial time, expertise and capabilities to a Mozilla activity that involves collaboration with others within the last 12 months.

a casual contributor is someone who has volunteered occasional amounts of time, expertise or talent in an activity or function that involves interaction with other community members.

a core contributor is someone (staff member, volunteer, partner, etc.) who has a leadership or ownership position in one or more Mozilla project areas.


dogfooding is the process in software development where the developers themselves use and test the software in question themselves.



FUD Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt is generally a strategic attempt to influence perception by disseminating negative and dubious or false information.






Kuma is an in-house developed content management platform for Mozilla projects. Please see MDN Kuma for more information.



MDN is Mozilla Developer Network, a resource for Web developers and contributors to Mozilla software development.

a Mozillian is someone who identifies with Mozilla’s principles and mission to make a web where people know more, do more and do better.

a Mozillarian is like a Mozillian except they are GLAM workers (galleries, libraries, archives, museums) or information professionals.




paid staff are those contributors to the Mozilla project who are employees of the Mozilla Foundation, Mozilla Corporation, or affiliated organizations (Mozilla Japan, Mozilla Online.)


QMO' is Quality.Mozilla.Org, the website of Mozilla QA (Quality Assurance), which is concerned with software testing and other activities to ensure the quality of Mozilla products.


a mozilla rep is a Mozillian who has been accepted to Mozilla Reps (ReMo), a program to empower and support volunteers who want to become official representatives of Mozilla in their region/locale.


a steward is a member of a project team who is tasked to create a strategy and execute a plan for bringing in volunteers to their project.

SUMO is SUpport.Mozilla.Org, Mozilla's end-user product support site (and community).

a supporter is someone who believes in our products and mission and has taken action to support Mozilla, but has not interacted with other community members.



a user is someone who chooses to use Mozilla products but may not be aware of Mozilla's mission or that there are volunteer opportunities they could get involved with.


volunteer staff denotes those contributors to the Mozilla project who are not paid staff of the Mozilla Corporation, Mozilla Foundation, or other Mozilla affiliated organizations (Mozilla Online, Mozilla Japan.) Unless you are making a particular point related to paid status, prefer "contributor" or "community member".