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Several areas of functionality have been proposed for future versions of Litmus. These new areas will be considered for development once the current suite of features for Litmus 1.0 are fully implemented.

We invite people to suggest new features here, or to file bugs for enhancements directly in Bugzilla. Even if Mozilla doesn't pick up and run with the idea, someone else might.


  • Litmus as centralized automation server for testing: develop a central daemon that can manage the various automation efforts that occur on the QA test farm;
  • testing requests: allow developers to submit testing requests for specific products and/or branches of code. Developers should also be able to specify the subset of tests they would like run. This could also benefit from the automation proposed above.
  • Virtual host support. Permit a single codebase install with configuration options for separate databases, templates, settings, etc. Other applications that provide such support using various approaches include Bugzilla, Testopia, LXR, ViewVC, etc.