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Test Suites

Loop has various different sections, where different tests are run. This page is intended to bring these together.

Functional Tests

These are intended to test the whole system.

They are currently run against latest nightly and latest loop-server.


Desktop tests are automatically run and displayed on the treeherder system.


The Loop-server runs its tests in Travis. Details of the Travis integration can be found in the repository. The github homepage for the repository also includes a link to the state of the Travis builds.


Most of the automated tests are run as part of the Desktop tests (see above).

There are additional tests run against different browsers that ensure the expected functioning of the standalone UI:


For tests that don't display results on treeherder, there is a email list (firefox-hello-test-notifications) that can be subscribed to for receiving updates.

If you're not a mozilla employee, talk to Standard8 or dmose (on irc) if you need to join the list (this is due to limitations in our groups system).