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The Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) team is holding a "doc sprint": a short period when people come together to create resources for the MDN site. This can include documents such as guides and reference pages, but also code examples and demos. It's all about making stuff to help people use open Web technologies.


You're welcome to start earlier or finish later than the "official" time span. MDN never closes.


You can participate from anywhere. Just sign in to MDN and get started.

Part of what makes a doc sprint fun is collaborating with other people. Even if you're working on something solo, it's more fun to chat with people who are doing similar things. We use the #devmo channel on for live chat during the sprint. Learn about IRC if you're not familiar with it.

There is also an in-person meetup for this sprint in Mozilla's Paris office

If you plan to attend the Saturday's meeting in Paris, please add yourself to this Lanyrd board:


The main topical focus for this sprint is Web devices APIs. We especially need helpful code examples for these APIs. Note that the File API is the topic of the July Derby, so coverage of it is very timely. You could even write a demo for the Dev Derby and use it as code examples in the wiki.

However, you are welcome to work on any topic that fits on MDN, including Web standards (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SVG, MathML, etc.), Mozilla technology (apps, Persona, Firefox OS, etc.) or the Mozilla project itself (building, testing, localizing).

Here are some ideas for things to do:

Suggest a topic, either that you want to work on, or that you'd like to see done by someone.

Helpful information

Sign up to help

If you're planning on coming to the meet-up in the Paris office, please tell us you're coming on Lanyrd page.

If you're planning to participate online, please add your name, IRC nickname and/or MDN user name, and what you'd like to work on, below (you need to create an account on this (spam-free) wiki in order to edit it):

Name IRC nick MDN ID When Where Topic(s)
Janet jms jswisher Sat. to Mon. Paris copyediting, cleanup
Frédéric FredB FredB Sat. to Mon. Paris Contributor guide l10n
Jérémie Jeremie Jeremie Sat. to Sun. Paris (host) Web API, DOM
Sheppy sheppy Sheppy Sat. to Mon. Tennessee, USA copy-editing, cleanup, Firefox OS
Shashank SVRSN fossterer fossterer Sat. to Mon. Online cleanup, Building Firefox