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Checking meeting :: 03/07/2014


  1. Luke: Welcome John Whitlock, the new contractor who will work on the technical side of the project.
  2. Jeremie: Reminder of the current status of the project.
  3. Holly: Presentation of the macro data workflow


  • John & Luke
    • Start working on the Data Schema
  • Jeremie
    • Help Holly connect with the right people for each todo and question in Holly's doc
    • Identify canonical spec for data, and include sample data to help Holly move forward and link to this doc from the wiki overview.
    • Create a RASCI matrix for the project
  • Holly
    • Finish clearing up the global data workflow

Issues & Questions

  • Jeremie:
    • Should I open more bugs (Design of the read/write API, kuma binding, etc.)?
      • Luke, Maris, and John will meet and file bugs for:
        • Create the django app with all models to cover requirements
        • Create the resource API on top of those models
  • Ali:
    • we should discuss product versions and if it makes sense to add the requirements for that into the backend project - I think it is similar enough on the data side that it at least needs to be considered.
      • Yes, the only current issue we have with that is Product subproduct (i.e. WebWorkers in Browsers). This is discuss on bug
  • Sheppy:
    • I agree with Ali that it sounds like product versioning would dovetail with this very well if we design the schema properly. Being able to flag info as being relevant only to a given version or range of versions of a specific browser would make this entire thing remarkably awesome instead of just awesome.
      • We don't necessarily need to implement the product versioning feature as part of the compatibility data project -- the idea here is to keep it in mind while designing the schemas, to avoid duplicate effort later
  • Andrew Overholt:
    • I want to see how things are going to get an idea of when I can tell people to stop looking at the horrible wiki page I have and to look at MDN instead :)
      • The only deadline we have is John end of contract (December) and we plan to emphasis quality over speed, but the idea is to have a first private alpha by end of Q3 and a first public beta by end of Q4.
  • Justin Crawford:
  • Mars:
    • Is there a RASCI matrix recording the Who's Who for this project?
      • Will be done until next meeting, see planning
  • Chris: