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The MDN site is under active development and is constantly evolving. In addition to the paid engineering, writing and product teams, the MDN community contributes feature requests, helps prioritize work and contributes code to the platform.

The Team

Development Process


The MDN development team moved to Mozilla Marketing in 2016. For the current process, see the MDN Durable Team page.

Old Processes

(2014-2016) The MDN development team adopted Trello for its Continuous Development process. The process revolved around 2 weekly meetings - Planning & Review - where the team went through the weekly planning board.

Most items on the board were either bugs that need to be addressed, or enhancements that came from the roadmap.

(2013) process Overview of the MDN Kanbanery-based development

(2011-2013)Archive of Agile development sprints

Following development in real time

If you want to stay in the loop on a bug or a set of bugs, be sure to add yourself to the "cc" list. Designers and developers update bugs with discussions and decisions as they go. A github robot will automatically comment on bugs when corresponding code is merged into the master line of development. Those commits are frequently pushed to the staging server, and then to production.



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