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Checking meeting :: 08/07/2014


  1. Jeremie:
  2. John: First design of the Data Store and API available
  3. Holly:
    • First rough sketches of ideas for Repository Page and snippet/table types for docs and article pages after meeting with John and Stephanie
    • We need somebody to provide content requirements for all the tables we want to create.
      • Jeremie will do, see below
  4. Stephanie:
    • Survey put together to gather user data that will assist with MDN Compat UI design:
      • Last feedback due to Monday
      • We plan to put the link to the survey on top of MDN and just on top of the compat tables on MDN


  • Luke
    • Will loop with John to see what's missing to make the last decision about the API design and to see how to handle the cross work with UX.
  • Jeremie
    • Next week, will schedule a meeting with Stephanie and Holly to discuss the blockers they have to move forward on UX
  • John
    • We seem to be 80% of the way to the API and data store design, and I feel some concrete examples will help us get through the last 20%. I plan to ship some example views with hand-entered data starting the week of Aug 8th. My goal is to focus the design discussion and refine the requirements for the UX jobs to be done. My planned order of development is:
      • A view of browsers (requires browser resources)
      • A view of browser versions (requires browser-version resources)
      • A view of features (requires feature-set and feature resources)
      • A sample read-only Browser compatibility table for a simple feature set (requires browser-version-feature resources)
      • A sample Browser compatibility table for CSS display
      • Add Specifications tables to compatibility views (requires specification resources)

Issues & Questions

  • Maris:
    • Risk: need to coordinate UX milestones w/ upcoming MDN projects, for example: "helpfulness" vs. compat data
      • We are currently NOT under hard schedule. We wish to have compat data first working draft live at the end of this year / start of next year.