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Meta bug
P1 Security Admin tool for editing Bleach settings per page / tree
P1 Security
P1 Security Improve the way we serve file attachments to be more like what we do on the Demo Studio
P1 Security File upload filter Meta bug
  • Images, html, txt/source files, .zip archive, etc.
P1 Security Validate redirects and disallow external redirects
  • Need to validate redirects (scheme/host)
P1 Localization Ability to set non-English article as source language for translation
P1 API Writing API
P1 SEO Improvements to page title: 1) allow to edit title. 2) make title and H1 of the page different. 3)Use most specific first, e.g. animation-CSS-MDN. Use the real/full breadcrumb, such as in javascript, but able to edit manually if needed end with MDN
P1 Dashboards Implement Elastic search to enable Dashboards/filtering

P1 Editing Meet with Piotr about Live Examples
P1 Editing Editor style should match rendered article style Meta bug
P1 SEO English site map Meta bug