MDN/Development/Meetings/Notes/October 10, 2012

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What do we have now?

  • A few issues with RSS feeds right now -- duplicate entries, etc.
  • Even after those are fixed, we don't feel that RSS feeds are a long-term solution to the problem of watching site changes.

What do we want to have?

  • Mockup
  • Use cases (in order of importance)
    1. Spam prevention
    2. Watching groups of articles (e.g., articles about the DOM) for grammar and factual accuracy
    3. Watching for changes that need to be localized (keep in mind that we will also have localization dashboards that should help with this)
  • It should be possible for a reviewer to keep track of all changes using this page.
    • One idea: Providing a revision "inbox" where revisions can be read or unread. Might be difficult to implement.
    • Another idea: Showing everything since the user last clicked a "Save my place" button.

What steps can we take to get there?

  • Bug 800053: Talk with Les and David about how feasible a revision "inbox" would be
  • Bug 797589: Start implementing a revision dashboard MVP
  • Bug 785993: Report the number of words / characters changed
  • Bug 681925: Ability to ban users
  • Bug 764004: Longer-term, it would be nice to show only content changes (not markup changes) in diffs.