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Combines our old Pull Request Triage meetings and Bug triage:

Max Time: 30m
Required Attendees MDN devs
Optional Attendees MDN stake-holders

During the PR portion we:

  1. Open our Github Pull Request Triage tool
  2. Starting with the oldest, for each pull request not updated within the last 24 hours:
    1. Submitter briefly describes pull request
    2. Assignee gives update on the status
    3. Team decides to either:
      • Update and keep the pull request active
      • Close the pull request

During the bug triage we:

  1. Check for any new security bugs
    1. Pull up the list of security bugs
    2. Select Change several bugs at once
    3. Select all new security bugs
    4. In the CC field, add the email addresses of all MDN staff
    5. Click Commit
  1. Plan major bugs from Friday's New Bug Triage