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Design Notes

    • included the 4 destination buckets within the top search bar. I think it gives a very distinctive and actionable space "above the fold" in the most visible area.
    • moved the promos above the hacks blog section. This can be put back down at the bottom, but considering this calls out FxOS, Android and Web App devs, I think it's priority on the page. Again - can be moved around.
    • moved the recent edits/recent discussions sidebar to the bottom in a "just above the footer" region as it helps create more of a banding full width layout for the page. It helps break up the content as the full length sidebar was very much conflicting with the content - the homepage housing tons of links and call-to-action elements. Again, it could be moved back, but I'd advise against it as it was visually confusing.
    • Logo is just proposal, not final
    • some placement may change, but I think this would be the ideal style for the page.