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MDN Drivers

MDN Drivers are a group of stakeholders (product owners, community members and the like) that formally help drive the direction of MDN and the development work we do on the platform (django pages, the wiki and beyond).

Essentially, drivers will prioritize features or fixes on the MDN and related developer sites. Prioritization encompasses development work on everything from the wiki pages/platform (aka Kuma), Demo Studio/Dev Derby, Hacks blog to DevHub/Apps content and any new sections we add to the site moving forward. Drivers will also help guide the redesign/rebranding efforts on MDN, Devhub, Demo Studio & Hacks. We'll add any additional stakeholders as needed, and all Mozillians are invited to join the list and participate.

The Process

Drivers subscribe to the MDN mailing list, where most of the discussions will happen, and also participate in a monthly meeting. The expectation is that drivers will propose and champion features (via bugs in Bugzilla & discussion in the mailing list) relevant to their areas of interest, but also evaluate all bugs & proposed features and their impact on developers and contributors and prioritize accordingly.

MDN development uses a continuous deployment process, where we create "cards" of work that are passed into the dev team via a Kanban board. Cards are created from the MDN backlog, which is a list of bugs in Bugzilla that are ordered primarily based on votes, duplicate counts, and priority. For most bugs, the best way to influence MDN product development is to vote on the bugs in Bugzilla and participate in the prioritization of top vote-getting bugs. Drivers also can, and should, champion low-vote bugs that are essential to their products, the developer/contributor experience, and performance/security - the point of having drivers is to add intelligence to the process beyond just votes on bugs.

As card "slots" become available (when selected cards are released into production) Luke Crouch (manager of the MDN dev team) will ask on the mailing list which of the bugs from the backlog should go on top for pulling into the kanban board. Discussion will follow, and that input & agreement will drive what is added to the board's "Selected" column.

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