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The Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) is a web development resource that anyone can contribute to. With your help, we hope to build resources for a better web, regardless of brand, browser or platform. The site has also been known by its project name, "Devmo" (short for "DEVeloper.Mozilla.Org"), or Mozilla Developer Center (MDC). You can learn more about the history of MDN on the About MDN page.

Objectives of MDN

  • Support the Mozilla Mission by surfacing & creating relevant content and resources for developers
  • Engage the developer community across technologies and grow Mozilla contribution
  • MDN is the top search result & most trafficked web developer resource site

MDN Goals in Detail

Join the Community

The documentation community is a group, largely comprised of volunteers, with the goal of providing useful documentation to users of Mozilla products and the web in general. We are always happy to help new writers and editors get involved and encourage everyone to participate in helping to make this documentation the best it can be.

What Can I Do On MDN?

There are lots of things to work on, and it's easy to get started in 3 easy steps with the "Getting Started" guide.

Open a bug

Notice a problem? Have an idea for a new feature? Please share your thoughts on Bugzilla.

Team Meetings

  • MDN writer staff meetings are held biweekly. While these are employee-only meetings, the notes are published here afterward.

Open meetings

Calendar of regular MDN meetings:

Project-specific docs meetings

MDN Projects

See the project page for the list of current projects


The MDN wiki is on the Kuma platform that is based on django and was launched on August 3, 2012. There is ongoing development to improve the platform and developer/writer experience on the MDN.

Interested in our development plans, development process, and more? Please see the Development page.

User & Developer Resources

Archived Content