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In order to plan ahead for the work that we need to do to make MDN better for everyone, we spec out large-scale projects that need to be done in advance. This includes both content projects and development projects.

A content project is any project primarily centered around the writing community. This includes cleaning up of landing pages, writing large-scale new documentation sets (such as documenting a whole new API), and so forth.

A development project is primarily handled by the development team or development volunteers. These projects are things like implementing large-scale new features or broad changes to the site's function or appearance. Some examples might be things like redesigning the editor interface or adding a new dashboard.

Content Projects

Potential priority documentation work

The following list is a list of APIs and/or technologies which we've been told are a priority. We record the number of people/teams that have requested an API to help gauge importance.

API/Tech Num. Requests Notes
WebCrypto 2
Media Source Extensions 2 Dirkjan Ochtman says this is more important than Encrypted Media Extensions. Bug
WebRTC 3 We have scraps of very very old docs for this. A doc project is ramping up; this is a Q3 2014 goal. Details soon!
mozCameras 1 Docs are now very out of date, and it's now available to privileged apps, not just certified ones, so more devs may find it useful.
Encrypted Media Extensions 1 (Ehsan)
Mobile ID API 1 (Ehsan)
<picture> 2 (John Schoenick) - Hopefully shipping in Fx 33; John has offered to help with at least basic docs. Bug list - Spec
WebGL 3 (Benoit Jacob) - Benoit has written a tutorial series and is willing to work with us to turn it into real docs; that may be a basis for some of our content.
Service Workers 4 (Johnny Stenback, Andrew Overholt, others)
Shared Workers 2
Web Animations 1 Bug
WebBluetooth 1 Should be ready for docs in Q4 2014. Bug - API draft

Proposed Features

This is a list of features that have been proposed and are in some state of requirements definition or review. They have not been prioritized for development.

Completed Projects

Google Summer of Code

  • The Mozilla Developer Network team will be hosting a Google Summer of Code this summer. The project will center around building a Localization Dashboard to track localization status and help localizers find articles that need to be updated.
  • For more information, please see our Google Summer of Code 2013 page.