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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.
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Availability Ratings

99.99% availability (52 minutes unavailable per year)
99.95% availability (4.38 hours unavailable per year)
99.9% availability (8.76 hours unavailable down per year)
99.8% availability (17.52 hours unavailable per year)

Unavailability means more than 5% of requests are dropped, errored, or significantly degraded.

Consumer Experience

Service Rating Notes Example/Root
App receipt check Critical API that verifies app purchases, called by individual apps at various intervals
Persona Critical Powers accounts required for Marketplace, App Sync, and many individual apps  ??
Add-ons blocklist Critical Protects Firefox users from crashes and malicious add-ons AMO; Example
Add-on update check (triggered) Critical Triggered checks for add-on updates and compatibility information VAMO; Example
App/add-on installation and files High AMO, ftp.m.o, release mirrors
Purchasing and payments (also dependent on 3rd parties) High In-app payments API and pages, PayPal interactions AMO
Read-only APIs (used by Firefox and others) High Powers Firefox features like add-on search and metadata lookups SAMO; Example
Discovery Pane in Add-ons Manager High High-visibility webpage in the default view of Firefox's Add-ons Manager. SAMO; Example
Consumer Marketplace/AMO pages Medium-High The consumer-facing Marketplace pages, e.g. homepage, search, browse AMO
Add-on update check (background) Medium Daily background checks for add-on updates VbgAMO; Example

Developer Experience

Service Rating Notes Root/Examples
App/add-on management, tools, and reports High Managing existing submissions AMO
App/add-on submission Medium-High New submissions and versions of apps and add-ons AMO
Documentation, policies, and supporting pages Medium Supporting developer pages AMO
Writable and submission APIs Medium Upload API, etc. SAMO