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Mozilla webmaker logo-icon.png Mozilla Mentor Community
Owner: Chris Lawrence Updated: 2014-01-14
We believe that empowering human collaboration across open platforms is essential to individual growth and our collective future. we are convening individuals and organizations through networked practice to lead a movement to know more, do more and do better.

About the Webmaker Community Team

Our Offering

In return, we support and offer:

  • An open network of networks. Connect to people and organizations seeking to collaborate and innovate.
  • A holistic and impactful product offering focused on Web Literacy. We will constantly iterate on this offering to surface curricula, tools, badges and user channels that allow our users to become producers of the web. With this product, we will create a differentiated "Web Literacy" space that is parallel to the "learn to code" movement.
  • Web Literacy. Thought leadership around the skills and competencies of being web literate. Web Literacy Map
  • Professional development. Improve skills and methods to teach in the open. Teach the Web
  • Campaigns. Coordinated action that spreads and scales our making-as-learning practices. Maker Party
  • A contextualized identity. Brands that are globally leveraged and locally adaptable. Hive Learning Network

Our Roadmap


Webmaker team tree.png

  • Chris Lawrence (Management/strategic vision)
  • Michelle Thorne (vision/building)
  • Lainie Decoursy (Comms/community)
  • Leah Gilliam (network leader/designer)
  • Kathyrn Meisner (network leader)
  • Laura Hilliger (vision/content)
  • Doug Belshaw (Web Literacy Lead)
  • Julia Valera (webmaker educator/techie/artist)

Key Consultants

  • Karen Smith (embedded academic)
  • UK MozFest production team

Tracking Progress

how do you track progress against plan?


All important links can be found in the Hurt Locker.