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Mozilla webmaker logo-icon.png Mentor Community 2014 Roadmap
Owner: Chris Lawrence Updated: Jan 7, 2014
We believe that people learn best with others and that mentoring is a powerful, distributed way to connect learners with instructors


In 2014, we will facilitate:

  • #teachtheweb trainings: January - ongoing, select locations and online
  • Hive Summit: February, location tbd
  • Webmaker Community Team Work Week: end of Q1 (tentative), location tbd
  • Maker Party: June - September, global (tentative)
  • Mozfest: late October, London

We will participate in:

  • AppMaker Work Week: January 6 - 10, Vancouver
  • Webmaker Product Work Week: February 3 - 7, Toronto
  • Engagement message workweek: early February
  • DML Conference: March, Boston
  • MOFO All Hands: April 28 - May 2, San Francisco

#teachtheweb trainings

  • Alpha: Prioritized Communities
    • Mozillians (Community Builders): Q1
    • UK community: Q1
    • Hives: Q2
    • Asian community: Q2
    • Latin American community: Q3
    • Middle East community: Q3
  • Beta: Package the experience for specific funders or communities
    • Balkan community: Q1
    • Telefonica
    • NWP community
    • Open News community
    • Open Science community
  • Version 2.0 Community Requests
    • by interest and locale

Maker Party highlights

  • Webmaker World Tour: during the Maker Party, multiple locations
  • Explore "mini Mozfest" / "max Maker Party" in key locations

Hive Chicago

  • CSOL/Hive Maker Party-Jan 18th

Hive NYC


  • 0 Hive+Digital Ready Badge Build
  • 3 Hive DML Fund Travel Grant
  • 3 Hive DML Fund RFP 7 Release
  • 8 Hive DML Fund Cohort 6 Launch/Cohort 5 Sunset
  • 10 Hive DML Fund Application Seminar (with NYCT)
  • 13 MEET UP > Radio Rookies + Exposure Camp Share-out
  • 23 Workshop: The Art of Effective Collaboration


  • 0 HRL Research-Design Work Begins
  • 5 One-page Proposals Due to NYCT
  • 11 RFP Feedback Review (with NYCT)
  • 12 Open Badges Summit-San Francisco


  • 0 New Digital Ready Cohort Announced
  • 6-8 DML- Boston
  • 17 Hive DML Fund RFP 7 Due
  • 20 MEET UP> State of Hive Meetup focus on NYU Report


  • 15 MEET UP Online Community of Practice Share Out
  • 30 MoFo All Hands SF


  • 0-15 Digital Ready Maker Party
  • 30 RFP 7 Awards Announced


  • 0 Hive DML Fund Cohort 6 Sunset/Hive Fund Cohort 7 Launch
  • 5 Scholastic Maker Party
  • 14 Emoticon 6
  • 30 Summer Campaign


  • 0 Summer Campaign


  • 0 Summer Campaign
  • 1 RFP 8 Release




  • 0 MozFest





ARCHIVE: 2013 Story

  • Lay foundations with team, key partners, and network
  • Launch an international campaign rallying around "making as learning"
  • Mobilize local communities and network them globally
  • Build platforms and social APIs for people to gather and teach skills for a digital age
  • Celebrate the community at MozFest and set the stage for 2014

2013 Goals for the Mentor Community

  • 3.0 Grow a global community of mentors with a maker attitude
  • 3.1 Offer compelling on-ramps for mentors to participate in webmaking
  • 3.2 Merge Hive + Code Party to create a global mentor community w/ local roots
  • 3.3 Make it easier to find local mentors, events, and learning resources online
  • 3.4 Create more + better mentor resources: step by step guides for teaching that are hackable
  • 3.5 Surface localization opportunities. Tools and starter content should all eventually be translatable for different communities.

What success looks like

  • Webmaker.org/mentor is a destination for mentors. It includes community stories, remixable resources, events, and a marketplace for needs and offerings.
  • Remixable hacktivity kits released. Mentors are regularly ripping, remixing, and reposting content to Webmaker.org.
  • "Making as learning" narrative is widely known and has momentum
  • Participation metrics for campaign(s) are hit
  • Hive "Cookbook" used to grow & on-ramp new learning networks. 3+ new cities at a Hive Learning Network stage.
  • An active webmaker mentoring program with ReMo
  • 30+ campaign events as feeder events to MozFest
  • A kick-ass Mozfest that wraps with clear community leaders who own part of Webmaker and are set for 2014

Who are we talking about?

Roadmap in detail

Jan - Mar, 2013

Theme: Lay groundwork for year in team, key partners and network


  • Launch Hive Global
  • Message Mentor & HIve Global into overall "Making as Learning" arc
  • Launch webmaker.org/mentor
  • Prototype Mentor marketplace
  • Surface communities and individuals to serve as leaders and amplifiers
  • Draft metrics for mentor participation
  • Map year of known events and mentor labs / train the trainers
  • Reboot Hacktivity kits
  • Write up user stories
  • Update pop-up how-to and other calls-to-action

Team Coordination

  • Ship MozFest staffing plan
  • Set Mentor Community Team infrastructure

Events & Activities

What success looks like

  • Involvement in 10 mentor community related events
  • webmaker.org/mentor exisits
  • Activity on #teachtheweb and #webmakerwin
  • First meeting of Hive Global Stewardship group
  • Shipped team, community meetings, and an open work plan
  • Agreed mentor metrics and plan

Apr - Jun

Theme: Build narrative to rally community. Launch and disseminate guiding documentation


  • Ship first draft of Hive Global "Cook Book"
  • Expand Hive Global to 6 cities total
  • Publish MozFest 2013 plans
  • Ship campaign plan & partnerships
  • Launch ReMo Webmaker Mentor program
  • Finalize Hacktivity kits + event guides, inc. plans for growth and remix
  • Design a Mentor storytelling platform
  • Pilot with event-driven fundraising around Hive events
  • Develop TTT program plan
  • Draft curriculum contest
  • Scope "Github for Learning Stuff"

Team Coordination

  • MozFest hiring plan in action

Events & Activities

  • Mentor "Best of" Convening. TBD.
  • Emoti-Con Youth Digital Making Festival. NYC.
  • GenOpen hackjams. Global.
  • Hive Screening at Tribeca Cinemas of Rip: A Remix Manifesto. April, NYC.

What success looks like

  • Documentmention released for current and future Hive Learning Networks to use to grow & on-ramp
  • Addition of Hive Athens and Toronto to Hive Global stewardship group
  • Collaboratively designed MozFest 2013 plans
  • Two MozFest contractors hired and working
  • 10+ Hacktivity Kits released. Process for mentors to create, remix, and add their own
  • ReMo Webmaker mentoring program began
  • Theme, partners and plan released for Summer Campaign
  • Begin counting mentors with nuance on how numbers were/are reached. Have sense of where we are by April 15th to set goals for campaign participation.
  • Version 1.0 of Webmaker Mentor storytelling blog/site launched

Jul - Sep

Theme: Community in action or taking the Mentor Community out for a spin


  • Manage campaign(s)
  • Campaign events feeding MozFest program
  • Align Hive Global sites around a theme
  • Work with new cities to on ramp towards joining Hive Global
  • Ongoing Mentor TTTs

Team Coordination

Events & Activities

What success looks like

  • Hit participation metrics for campaign(s)
  • 30+ campaign events as feeder events to MozFest
  • 3+ new cities at a Hive Learning Network stage

Oct - Dec

Theme: MozFest MozFest MozFest


  • Curate best of campaign(s)
  • Execute MozFest

Team Coordination

Events & Activities

  • Mozfest 2013

What success looks like

  • A kick-ass Mozfest
  • Wrap MozFest with clear community leaders who own part of Webmaker and are set for 2014
  • "Making as learning" narrative is widely known and has momentum
  • Mentors are regularly adding new content and projects to Webmaker.org