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Microformats are an HTML standard that express people, events, reviews, recipes, datestamped content, and other structured data in web pages in a way that makes them easily usable by web browser, search engines, and other web crawlers.

Web browsers in particular are able to associate the data with particular actions and provide a richer user experience for pages marked up with microformats.

Common Microformats



Firefox has some microformats parsing support in the Toolkit "product", microformats "component":

In addition there is active in-progress work to land microformats2-parsing support to support Social API use-cases:

Use Cases

Enhance existing Firefox features:

  • Firefox Share (airplane) button in toolbar
  • Social Bookmarking: Microformats can be passed to bookmarking, read-it-later, etc. style services like Pinterest's "rich pinning" of objects in the page.
  • Context Menu: right-click on microformats such as
  • Live Bookmarks / RSS Discovery and Preview (would enable Bug 543630)

Support new planned Firefox OS features:

Future / potential features:

  • Shopping: Microformats such as h-review, h-product, and h-listing support rich markup of products, useful in shopping carts, watching products for updates, product comparison shopping, etc.
  • Automatically detecting venues, people, contacts, events, locations and integrating with built-in contacts, calendar, and mapping user interfaces.


  • Better control by content producers
  • Easy manipulation of data by clients without server side involvement
  • Accurate data collection by services

Firefox 3 Implementation

Firefox Implementation Introduction

For background information on microformat detection, please see this series of blog posts by Alex Faaborg:

User Experience

  • Brainstorming page about the user experience of microformat detection, please feel free to contribute any design work, or to comment on these conceptual mockups.
  • Information about about the user interface of microformat detection can also be found on the microformats.org wiki

Firefox 3


Michael Kaply worked on the microformats implementation in Firefox 3. There is some overlap with the content handling work being done by Dan Mosedale, and Alex Faaborg is working on the user interface.


microformats is implemented in a module in Firefox.