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Sprint Duration

W38.1 (Sep. 18) ~ W39.7 (Oct. 01), 2 weeks in total.

Sprint Goal

  • Secure 57 beta regression, if any
  • Start to pick up the PWA work
  • Clarifying the plan for Gradle build

Sprint Outcome

  • 33% MVP (Must have) completion = 1/3 bugs completed.
  • 0 Backlog (Would have) completed.
  • 9 Interruption (Unplanned) completed.


Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution Assigned to Depends on Blocks Whiteboard
1384870 Update snack-bar when editing folders VERIFIED FIXED Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] 1329127 [FNC][SPT58.1][INT]
1388679 Replace other Fennec Nightly icons VERIFIED FIXED Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] 1388291, 1389822, 1403869 [FNC][SPT58.1][MVP]
1399378 (photon) update the logo for 57 beta / release VERIFIED FIXED Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] 1355774, 1396741 [FNC][SPT58.1][INT]
1400150 Use Swtichboard to enable Leanplum debugging RESOLVED FIXED Nevin Chen(Not active on Bugzilla) [FNC][SPT58.1][INT][LP_M2]
1400804 (photon) First run tour - the Sync button is not visible, or squished, in landscape VERIFIED FIXED Nevin Chen(Not active on Bugzilla) 1355774, 1396741 [FNC][SPT58.1][INT]
1400858 [RTL] Tab titles not displayed for some webpages RESOLVED FIXED Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] 1355774, 1379658 [FNC][SPT58.1][INT]
1401457 (photon) logo in search activity isn't updated yet VERIFIED FIXED Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] 1355774, 1379658 [FNC][SPT58.1][INT]
1401871 Crash in java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke interface method ''android.view.MenuItem android.view.MenuItem.setVisible(boolean)'' on a null object reference at org.mozilla.gecko.home.HomeFragment.onCreateContextMenu( VERIFIED FIXED Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] 1403437 1329131 [FNC][SPT58.1][INT]
1403437 Use MenuUtils#safeSetVisible to hide home_add_to_launcher safely RESOLVED FIXED Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] 1401871 [FNC][SPT58.1][INT]
1403869 Update about.png for Nightly RESOLVED FIXED Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] 1388679 [FNC][SPT58.1][INT]

10 Total; 0 Open (0%); 4 Resolved (40%); 6 Verified (60%);